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Photo of the Day: Riding with the Buffalo

 Two riders laugh as they ride past a herd of wild buffalo during the Catalina Island Gran Fondo. The event is held each spring, less than 30...


Tech Feature: Life Hacks for the Mountain Biker

Clever ways to make riding life easier...


BCBR 2015 Day 6: Rowdy Trails of Squamish

The biggest day of BCBR tests what racers have in the tank!...


Photo of the Day: Jeff Lenosky, New York City, 2007

 Jeff Lenosky rides down a leaf-covered, purpose-built mountain bike trail in Highbridge Park on the north end of the island of Manhattan, in New York...


Your Mountain Bike Dream Job Awaits

If  you have a passion for mountain biking, love to shoot photos and can write well, then Mountain Bike Action Magazine may have the job...


Could Mosquito- and Tick-Repellent Clothing Work in Mountain Biking?

We received word recently that an insect- and tick-repellent clothing manufacturer is interested in moving into the mountain bike clothing market. We have not tested their products, so we...


BC Bike Race Photo Album – Straight From North Vancouver

Words: Harlan Price Photos: Margus Riga, Dave Silver, Erik Peterson, Todd Weselake Videos: Connor Macleod, Max Berkowitz, Chris Fisher The full report: Texan Uhl storms...

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 9.16.23 AM

Summertime Shredding with Bernard and Emilie

Emilie and Bernard have been a man down with Eliot doing some important rehab after his big spring crash, but he’s coming back this weekend...

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 8.31.33 AM

A Rider Who Inspires – Marty Ashton Rides Again

After sustaining a life changing injury in 2013, Martyn Ashton, mountain bike and Road Bike Party legend, is Back On Track. Subscribe to GMBN:

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 7.03.23 AM

Inside Specialized Racing – Lenzerheide, Switzerland

New venue, fresh track, Specialized is looking to capitalize on the course this weekend in Switzerland.  Check out what Aaron Gwin and Troy Brosnan have...


Photo of the Day: Christoph Sauser and Nino Schurter at the 2008 UCI World Championships

Swiss national teammates Christoph Sauser (left) and Nino Schurter (right) shared the podium at the UCI World Championships in Italy in 2008. Sauser had just won the...

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 8.27.26 AM

Steve Potts Builds Bikes – This Is His Story

“Meet the Maker” is The Pro’s Closet’s newest museum video series and will take you behind the scenes and into the creative process of early...

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 8.17.54 AM

Riding France Fin Iles Style

Finn Iles shreds. What else do you need to know?...

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    Photo of the Day: Riding with ...

     Two riders laugh as they ride

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    Tech Feature: Life Hacks for ...

    Clever ways to make riding

    Jul 04, 2015

    BCBR 2015 Day 6: Rowdy Trails ...

    The biggest day of BCBR

    Jul 04, 2015

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    Jul 04, 2015

    Photo of the Day: Jeff Lenosky...

     Jeff Lenosky rides down a

    Jul 04, 2015
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