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Photo of the Day: Fontana’s Winter Ra...

Jan 24, 2015Comments off42 Views

The Southridge Winter Series continues this weekend in Fontana, California. Who will be there this weekend? Come out and see. Here’s a sample of the


Photo of the Day: The Coming of the Green

Jan 23, 2015Comments off66 Views

In much of the U.S., the verdant colors of spring begin arriving in March or April. In Southern California, though, the process usually starts in January, after the first


Photo of the Day: The Fast Way Down the Mou...

Jan 22, 2015Comments off51 Views

Downhill pro Jon Buckell takes a steep and rocky descent on one of his practice trails in Claremont, California. Photo by Ti Peng.


Photo of the Day: Spencer Rathkamp in Ventu...

Jan 21, 2015Comments off55 Views

Spencer Rathkamp takes a fast line through the trees on his friend’s downhill practice course. Photo: John Ker/Mountain Bike Action


Photo of the Day: And So It Begins . . .

Jan 20, 2015Comments off54 Views

 The little kids take off for the first turn at the 2014 Mammoth Kamikaze Games last fall. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action


Photo of the Day: Downhill Blur

Jan 19, 2015Comments off53 Views

Cody Johnson takes a fast line down the mountain at Fontana. Photo by Phil Beckman/PB Creative


Photo of the Day: Gray Day at Fontana

Jan 18, 2015Comments off76 Views

 A rider drops into the downhill course in Fontana, California, during the first weekend of racing in 2015.  The venue’s winter competition series resumes next weekend. Photo by Jason Cleghorn


Photo of the Day: Logan Binggeli’s Ba...

Jan 17, 2015Comments off58 Views

Logan Binggeli pulled this sweet backflip at the Red Bull Rampage in the Fall of 2012. At the time, Logan was one of the first


Photo of the Day: Whip-Off World Championsh...

Jan 16, 2015Comments off56 Views

Last summer’s Whip-Off World Championships had an estimated crowd of 3000 fans crowding the jumps at Crab Apple Hits at Whistler Mountain. Photo: John Ker/Mountain Bike Action


Photo of the Day: Moto Guy

Jan 15, 2015Comments off180 Views

 Motocross legend Erik Kehoe took some time away from the world of motorcycles and tried out our KHS SixFifty 6500 test for our test in the June 2013 issue. Motocross