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Photo of the Day: Tinker Juarez at Vail Lak...

Mar 02, 2015Comments off91 Views

Tinker Juarez is now in his 50s, but he’s still racing in the pro class, still winning races, and still doing it with style, too.


Photo of the Day: Tyler Viggers at Fontana

Mar 01, 2015Comments off161 Views

Tyler Viggers (the younger brother of Kevin and Sarah Viggers, who are both well-known downhill racers, too) lofts his front wheel over a rocky section at


Photo of the Day: Winter Stylin’ in S...

Feb 28, 2015Comments off165 Views

 Lance Trappe gets some style on one of the fun trails in Santos, Florida. Photo: John Ker/Mountain Bike Action


Photo of the Day: Mountain Biking in Arizon...

Feb 27, 2015Comments off271 Views

Riders from the Midwest and New England might want to think about taking a trip to Phoenix, Arizona, to do some mountain biking this time


Photo of the Day: The Floating Bridge, Part...

Feb 26, 2015Comments off277 Views

This Windham, New York, World Cup water bridge was even harder to ride than it looked. This guy only went about six feet before he veered


Photo of the Day: Cold Day in California

Feb 25, 2015Comments off229 Views

There was still some snow in the shadows on this day, in late December of 2006, as Vu Le (left) and Jon Buckell took a ride


Photo of the Day: Mountain Biking in Oregon...

Feb 24, 2015Comments off310 Views

Cannondale’s Bill Rudell enjoys an epic day of riding along the spectacular McKenzie River Trail, near Bend, Oregon. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action


Photo of the Day: Mountain Biking in Florid...

Feb 23, 2015Comments off447 Views

Jeff Lenosky leads Lance Trappe on one of the fun trails in Santos, Florida. Actually, the bike shops around there call it “all-terrain biking” in


Photo of the Day: The Next Wheel Size?

Feb 22, 2015Comments off308 Views

Following all the changes in wheel sizes in recent years,  the people of Sun Valley, Idaho, decided to prepare their kids for the next one. It looks like it


Photo of the Day: Charlie Legg, Style for M...

Feb 21, 2015Comments off312 Views

Charlie Legg throws down some style at Fontana in Southern California on February 8, 2015. Photo by Marcelo Riveros/ STILLMRG PHOTOGRAPHY