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How Am I Supposed To Stay On This Narrow Tr...

Mar 19, 2014Comments off1340 Views

Q: I’m 64 years old, and my eye/hand coordination may not be the best, but I ain’t dead yet. I always have a hard time


All-Terrain Vision?

Jan 18, 2014Comments off1339 Views

Q: Can you recommend a pair of sunglasses (or perhaps a color of lenses) that won’t break the bank and will keep the sun out


Endurance racing and leaky tires?

Jan 12, 2014Comments off467 Views

A Racer at Heart Q: Just got back on a bike since I raced BMX back in the ’90s. Earlier this year, I was invited


Ask Mountain Bike Action: How can I keep up...

Nov 22, 2013Comments off503 Views

Q: My 10-year-old son is just less than 5 feet tall and growing quickly. His Trek 24-inch-wheeled bike is looking a little small lately. Should I

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Ask Mountain Bike Action: What air pressure...

Nov 15, 2013Comments off1100 Views

Q: Read “Finding the Right Tire Pressure for Your Mountain Bike.” Would that guide work well for those of us that still use tubes? ?Steve,


Ask Mountain Bike Action: Socal trail tires...

Oct 04, 2013Comments off727 Views

SADDLE THAT PONY Q: Hoping you can recommend a new saddle. My bike is a Giant Trance X2, and I am a 50-year-old guy whose


Ask Mountain Bike Action: Can I put a short...

Sep 13, 2013Comments off340 Views

Q: Just got a Giant Faith frame for downhill racing and jumps. I decided to run a Fox Float 6.3-inch- travel fork because I’m just


Ask Mountain Bike Action: Clip in Correctly

Jul 19, 2013Comments off591 Views

Q: Just got a pair of Shimano M530 pedals and Shimano M162 shoes. I like the clip-in idea, but after riding like half an hour,

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Ask Mountain Bike Action: Rigid is Rigid

Apr 08, 2013Comments off487 Views

Q: Have a rigid Niner MCR 9 with largish (2.4) tires and low air pressure. When I ride for more than three hours, it beats


Ask MBA: The Pros of ProPedal

Mar 25, 2013Comments off390 Views

Q: Proud owner of a Pivot Firebird. I have used the ProPedal maybe three times and find no advantage to it. Is it necessary? Greg,