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Ask MBA: The Pros of ProPedal

Mar 25, 2013Comments off1302 Views

Q: Proud owner of a Pivot Firebird. I have used the ProPedal maybe three times and find no advantage to it. Is it necessary? Greg,...

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A mountain bike for a motocrosser?

Feb 27, 2013Comments off1369 Views

Q: Don’t know what kind of bike to buy. I raced motocross for 23 years and want to try cross-country racing. I want something that...


Easy Brake Boost?

Feb 13, 2013Comments off1583 Views

Q: Been working on my braking skill and feel that my front brake is not powerful enough. I have a 7-inch rotor and metallic pads,...


A capable technical trailbike?

Feb 10, 2013Comments off1056 Views

Trek Slash 8 Giant Reign X0 Q: Looking to get my first full-suspension bike (probably way overthinking this) and was looking at these two bikes:...


Triathlete Convert?

Feb 02, 2013Comments off760 Views

Q: I’m a 6-foot-2, 210-pound triathlete looking for a new hardtail to use in midweek cross-country races and lots of training in the Central Sierra....


High Centered?

Jan 27, 2013Comments off899 Views

Q: Sixty years young and built like a linebacker for the Chicago Bears; I’m 5 feet 6 inches tall and weigh 240 pounds. I am...


Tentative 27-Inch Early Adopter?

Jan 24, 2013Comments off815 Views

Q: Suppose I buy a new 27-inch-wheeled bike and hate it. I really like the idea of the mid-sized wheels, but you never know. The...


How do I control my stoppers?

Dec 31, 2012Comments off826 Views

Q: It is subconsciously caused by the memories of an endo as a kid after grabbing too much front brake, but I instinctively reach for...


Can I get a more elderly granny gear?

Dec 24, 2012Comments off1073 Views

Shimano XTR Race Dyna-Sys Crankset Q: Have a Pivot Mach 5.7 Carbon with Shimano XT Dynasys 38/26 chainrings. Is it possible for me to exchange...


Which of these aggressive trail bikes shoul...

Dec 23, 2012Comments off14541 Views

2013 Trek Remedy 9.9 2013 Specialized S-Works Enduro Carbon Q: Been riding a Santa Cruz Heckler for five years now, and it’s ready to retire....

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