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Bike Test: Norco Sight Carbon 7.2

Sep 21, 2015Comments off548 Views

We would be hard pressed to find a bike in this class that outperforms the Sight...


Bike Test: Rocky Mountain Sherpa 27.5+

Sep 14, 2015Comments off750 Views

The Sherpa is an excellent choice for riders looking to embark on weekend trips...


Bike Test: Trek Stache 9

Sep 08, 2015Comments off1167 Views

Let the Stache do the talking...


Bike Test: Canyon Strive CF 9.0

Sep 02, 2015Comments off1414 Views

The bike is built to handle the long climbs and transfer stages of the Enduro World Series...


Bike Test: Scott Voltage FR 710

Aug 28, 2015Comments off1041 Views

The go-to bike in Scott’s lineup...

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.00.36 AM

Trail Testing: BMC Teamelite 01

Aug 26, 2015Comments off1214 Views

Though, its a little too soon to draw any serious conclusions, you'll just have to wait patiently for the full test, which is coming to...


Bike Test: Salsa Horsethief 2

Aug 25, 2015Comments off1195 Views

If you ride hard and want versatility, the Horsethief 2 is a good option...


Bike Test: GT Sanction Pro

Aug 18, 2015Comments off1552 Views

GT Sanction Pro is a thoroughbred race machine...


Bike Test: Niner ROS 9

Aug 11, 2015Comments off1603 Views

The ROS 9 is a rock dodger for the all-day adventurer...


Bike Test: Trek Slash 9.8

Aug 04, 2015Comments off1931 Views

Long story short, this bike rips...