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Testing, Testing: The Ibis Ripley

Sep 18, 2014Comments off123 Views

Believe It Or Not, The Ripley Is Finally Here Ibis was founded by NorCal rider Scot Nichol way back in 1981 when mountain biking was


Factory-direct Testing: The Fezzari Timp Pe...

Sep 15, 2014Comments off123 Views

Utah’s Special Delivery Performance Goes 27.5 Fezzari sells its bikes directly to the rider, cuts out the bike shop middleman, and passes on the savings


Trail Testing: Lapierre Spicy 527

Sep 08, 2014Comments off180 Views

When we were looking for our next bike to review, we wanted something different.  Something you don’t see everyday.  Something that is on the cutting edge


Hardtail Testing: The Fuji SLM 29 1.1

Sep 05, 2014Comments off128 Views

Using the symbol of Mount Fuji to exemplify its dedication to creating strong and dominating products, Fuji has been producing bicycles since 1899. Seeing the


Canadian Custom: The Xprezo WUUU 650

Aug 31, 2014Comments off157 Views

Canada’s Xprezo bike company is hard to pin down. While they hand make their bikes in Canada and qualify to display at the North American


The Mongoose Meteore Sport

Aug 29, 2014Comments off191 Views

If you have been around cycling for the past 40 years, then you are more than likely familiar with the name Mongoose and probably fortunate


Bike Test: The Specialized Stumpjumper FSR ...

Aug 26, 2014Comments off320 Views

We have never witnessed a more low-key new model introduction from Specialized than the one for their first 27.5-inch wheeled offering, the Stumpjumper FSR Expert


Next Generation Stingray: The Mongoose Mass...

Aug 22, 2014Comments off207 Views

You probably don’t remember your first day of school. Or the party your folks threw for your 12th birthday. Or your first kiss. But, you


Import Testing: The BH Lynx 4.8 XTR

Aug 18, 2014Comments off177 Views

Spain’s BH bikes is best known to American riders for its road bikes. That’s because it first used Pivot Bikes, who has its own line


Titanium Test: The Vassago Optimus Ti

Aug 12, 2014Comments off249 Views

There is no question that carbon fiber has replaced titanium as the Holy Grail of mountain bike frame materials, at least in rider perception. This