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Trek Remedy 9.8: An All-Mountain, Cure for ...

Apr 04, 2011Comments off138 Views

It took a few years for all-mountain cross-country bikes to come into their own. Originally, when longish-travel cross-country bikes rolled onto the scene, they were


Turner Sultan: American-Made 29er Built Fo...

Apr 04, 2011Comments off51 Views

I t has taken us too long to get a Sultan in here for testing. Introduced in 2007, the 29-inch-wheeled trailbike got a total makeover


Specialized S-Works Epic 29er, Should Every...

Apr 04, 2011Comments off212 Views

The Specialized Epic is the world’s most popular cross-country race bike. When we tested the 26-inch-wheeled Specialized S-Works Carbon Epic Disc (MBA, November 2010), it


Pivot Mach 5.7, How Adding A .7 Can Double...

Apr 04, 2011Comments off384 Views

The Mach 5, one of our favorite trailbikes since we tested the first version in 2008, got a complete makeover for 2011. But what was


Giant’s Anthem 29er 1: Cross-Country ...

Apr 01, 2011Comments off789 Views

The 29er movement, or should we say revolution, has largely taken over the performance-oriented cross-country segment in the United States. Traditional 26-inch-wheeled cross-country race machines


Bike Test: It’s A New Beginning

Oct 25, 2010Comments off42 Views

Name game: It has a new name and it plays a new game. The combination of Fisher creativity and Trek ingenuity results in a great


Bike Test: Giant Faith 0 2010

Sep 16, 2010Comments off67 Views

Giant had one major goal for every 2010 Maestro suspension bike in their line?make it lighter. From their cross-country race machines to their downhill dragster,

Bike Test: The Foes B29

Sep 09, 2010Comments off41 Views

Big-wheel trailbikes are headlining every mountain bike brand’s 2010 lineup, so it should come as no surprise that Foes has a dual-suspension 29er this year.


Bike Test: The Cannondale F4

Sep 02, 2010Comments off223 Views

All the excitement in mountain bike design seems to surround 29-inch wheels, ten-cog cassettes, two-ring cranks and carbon fiber everything else. So where does a


Bike Test: The Scott Scale RC

Aug 26, 2010Comments off52 Views

Scott takes cross-country racing seriously. They offer ten models of their Scale hardtail and nine models of their Spark dual-suspension cross-country race bikes. That’s 19