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Bike Test: Pivot Mach 429 Trail

Dec 20, 2015Comments off2336 Views

The 429 is designed to do a bit of everything...


Bike Test: Riding Bellingham With Kona

Dec 14, 2015Comments off1396 Views

Some of the best riders we know started mountain biking aboard some type of Kona...


Bike Test: Liv Lust 2

Dec 07, 2015Comments off1069 Views

The Lust 2 is a good bike for women who want to get their feet wet......


Bike Test: YT Industries Capra CF Comp 1

Nov 30, 2015Comments off1872 Views

The price, aesthetics and overall build quality are right on par with other top-notch choices in the enduro category...


Bike Test: Trek Fuel EX 9.9 29

Nov 26, 2015Comments off2457 Views

The Fuel EX 9.9 is a trailbike that can rival even enduro bikes in the hands of a strong and skilled pilot...

scott cover

First Impressions: 8-Plus Size Bikes From S...

Nov 23, 2015Comments off2338 Views

Does Scott’s logic hold up out on the trail, or does it only make sense on paper?...


Bike Test: Kona Honzo

Nov 16, 2015Comments off2403 Views

“How is so much fun so affordable?”...


Bike Test: Rocky Mountain Instinct 990 MSL ...

Nov 09, 2015Comments off2360 Views

This is not a nimble bike and should not be ridden as if it were......


Bike Test: Cannondale Habit Carbon 1

Nov 03, 2015Comments off3343 Views

If you are a rider looking to try something that is rewarding out of the box......


For What It’s Wirth: How We Choose Ou...

Nov 02, 2015Comments off1485 Views

We test the bikes that are available, and manufacturers always debut their high-end models first...