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Well-Ridden: The Specialized Camber Expert ...

Jun 05, 2014Comments off1592 Views

At The Corner Of Cross Country And Aggressive It’s easy to see how the Specialized Camber EVO could be overlooked. Nestled in between the ever-popular


Face-off: Scott Genius 730 versus 930

Jun 03, 2014Comments off1069 Views

You don’t have to be a genius to make the right decision Ten years ago, Scott unveiled the Genius, its first “Do-it-All” super-lightweight carbon trail


Mutant Approved: The Fatback 29+

Jun 02, 2014Comments off482 Views

Splitting the tire difference The growth rate of fat bike sales is staggering. It is estimated that out of the 20,000 fat bikes on the

Trek 50x500

Cranked out: The Trek Superfly FS 9

May 30, 2014Comments off1071 Views

Primed For Adventure Or The Podium Being at the forefront of the 29er movement, Trek’s Superfly FS was one of the first full-suspension, cross-country, 29-inch


Bike Test: The Turner Flux 27.5 TR

May 30, 2014Comments off722 Views

The American-Made Trailbike For The World We have been testing versions of the Turner Flux since 2005, but the 2014 version, dubbed “Ver. 3.0,” is


Trail Testing: Norco Range Carbon 7.1

Feb 26, 2014Comments off643 Views

Canada’s Norco Bicycles were a fairly early adopter of the 27.5-inch wheel-size for mid-travel trailbikes with their Sight and Range “Killer B” models. After success


Bike Test: Giant Trance Advanced 27.5 0

Feb 12, 2014Comments off805 Views

When Giant looked at the math and real-world trail analysis, they determined that the benefits of 27.5-inch wheels were profound enough to justify dedicating the


Bike Test: Niner RIP 9

Feb 04, 2014Comments off400 Views

Being a Niner rider doesn’t start at the cash register and doesn’t end when you walk out the bike shop door. On the trail, Niner


Bike Test: Transition TR450

Jan 27, 2014Comments off252 Views

Transition is a rider-owned company, and that’s something that they’re very proud of. Their mantra, “Rider owned for life,” comes through in the bikes they


26er Versus 29er: The Shootout You’ve...

Jan 24, 2014Comments off1042 Views

The most frequently requested shootout is a 26-inch-wheeled bike versus a 29-inch-wheeled bike. The opportunity to do such a shootout presented itself when Cannondale Bicycles