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Epic Riding in Oregon

Mar 29, 2013Comments off15 Views

Lev Stryker of Cog Wild Bicycle Tours and Shuttles enjoys a ride on the King-Castle Trail network. He began this session by hike-a-biking over a

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Is Your Bike Holding You Back?

Mar 27, 2013Comments off238 Views

20 reasons you need a new bike There’s a friend of the Mountain Bike Action wrecking crew that we reluctantly invite on our rides. He’s


Mammoth Mountain 2013 Preview – It...

Mar 26, 2013Comments off4 Views


Crashed Rider Loses Foot to Amputation, Liv...

Mar 26, 2013Comments off30 Views

Jerad Fischer is a passionate mountain biker who rode competitively in the 90s and early 2000s. He had a serious bike accident in 2009. After


Video: KHS at Bootleg Canyon – Pro GR...

Mar 25, 2013Comments off10 Views


Peak Season in Colorado with Joey Schusler

Mar 25, 2013Comments off15 Views

Peak Season – Fall in Colorado from Yeti Cycles on Vimeo. Like every other season, fall is pretty magical in the Colorado high country. By


Video: Buffalo Soldiers Rene Wildhaber and ...

Mar 24, 2013Comments off14 Views

In the second episode, Ren‚ Wildhaber and Ross Schnell embark on their journey to discover the origins of the Buffalo Soldiers. From campfires to old


Happy 20th Birthday To Lizard Skins

Mar 22, 2013Comments off5 Views

In 1992 Brian Fruit and Lance Larson met thanks to a mutual friend. Lance had the idea of making neoprene bicycle accessories under the name


Video Throwback: Scenes From The Original &...

Mar 21, 2013Comments off16 Views

July 15, 1997, the alpha dogs of BC’s emerging free ride scene all gathered for perhaps the rowdiest shoot in Kranked-Live to Ride. Wade Simmons


Trail Testing: 2013 Pivot Firebird Project ...

Mar 20, 2013Comments off29 Views

When we decided to test the revolutionary XX1 build kit from SRAM, we didn’t just want a stock bike as a platform. We decided to