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Learn To Bunnyhop In 60 Seconds

Mar 24, 2015Comments off402 Views

Ok, not really, but there are a few good tips in this video from the Global Mountain Bike Network.

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How To Fix A Broken Gear Cable – Get ...

Mar 21, 2015Comments off509 Views

Has your gear cable ever snapped during a ride? If not, it’s good to be prepared, so here’s a hack that will get you home

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How To Ride Technical Climbs Better

Mar 19, 2015Comments off527 Views

Riding a technical climb without dabbing your foot or needing to stop is seriously satisfying. Here are a few tips from the experts at Global

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Ten Ways To Ride Singletrack Faster!

Mar 17, 2015Comments off620 Views

Here are the top ten tips for getting more out of singletrack – definitely one of the funnest parts of mountain biking as told by


Mountain Bike Action Tech Minute: Do It You...

Mar 01, 2015Comments off907 Views

3M makes the best cycling product that they don’t even know is a cycling product. Their 2228 electrical sealing tape (mastic tape) makes a great


REI Expands Educational Classes for Seasone...

Mar 01, 2015Comments off865 Views

REI Outdoor School launches new International Mountain Bicycling Association instructor certification course, classes for cyclists of all skill levels.


Mountain Bike Action Tech Minute: Shimano S...

Feb 28, 2015Comments off821 Views

You’d be surprised how many riders don’t know that Shimano SPD clipless pedals can be adjusted to make them easier to clip out of. A

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Feature: Everything You Need to Know About ...

Dec 01, 2014Comments off1103 Views

The all-inclusive Mountain Bike Action guide to bottom brackets

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How to: Suspension Sag with Diamondback

Nov 11, 2014Comments off806 Views

How to properly set your sag with instructions from Diamondback


Tip of the Day: Freshen Brakes with New Pad...

Nov 01, 2014Comments off726 Views

Learn how to replace brake pads, to keep your levers feeling great.