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Jump Lower, Faster, and More Precise with F...

Jun 21, 2016Comments off6357 Views

Ever wanted to improve your MTB riding skills out on the trail? Check in with Mountain Bike and Downhill legend Fabien Barel as he talks...

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Jun 15, 2016Comments off898 Views

Not eating on a ride is possibly one of the biggest mistakes a rider can make...

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SRAM MTB: How to Quiet a Squeaking Guide Br...

Jun 09, 2016Comments off2894 Views

This video will show you a quick procedure to quiet a squeaking Guide brake lever. This should take about five minutes and will not require...

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Mountain Bike Tubeless Conversion

Jun 04, 2016Comments off3696 Views

There are a number of advantages to going tubeless- your wheels get lighter, you can run a much lower psi and get more traction, and...

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A Few Tips To Improve Your Corning Skills

May 27, 2016Comments off3382 Views

Professional mountain bike racer, Rachel Throop, tells you the best techniques on how to corner....

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24 Mountain Bike Terms for Dummies

May 25, 2016Comments off4019 Views

Are you up-to-date with the latest lingo?...

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How To Properly Set Up Your Suspension

May 25, 2016Comments off3627 Views

Suspension set-up is crucial to getting the best performance from your mountain bike. Trek Certified Service shows you how to make sure you’re getting the...

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How To Do A Wheelie

May 25, 2016Comments off2257 Views

Professional mountain bike racer, Lindsey Voreis and her teammates Meredith and Summer, tell you how to do a wheelie on your bike....

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Rachel Throop’s Tips For Decending

May 24, 2016Comments off3091 Views

Professional mountain bike racer, Rachel Throop, teaches you the best techniques for descending on your mountain bike....

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25 Sneaky Speed Secrets

May 21, 2016Comments off1535 Views

What your friend's don't know, can only make you faster...