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Tire Tips From Kenda

Jun 21, 2014Comments off711 Views

Pretty great tips from Kenda Tires: 1. Always run tires in the direction that the arrow on the sidewall indicates. Running a tire backwards may

101 tips

101 Tips To Start The New Season Off Right

Jun 10, 2014Comments off1962 Views

This is not a rehash of the last 101 tips story we ran. There may be a bit of overlap, because good tips are good


Mountain Bike Action How to: Stop Brake Squ...

Mar 20, 2014Comments off2003 Views

The modern-day mountain bike disc brake, be it mechanically or hydraulically actuated, is a technical wonder. These little stoppers offer great control and seldom fade


How To: Installing a Stan’s NoTubes T...

Mar 19, 2014Comments off847 Views

Tubeless wheelsets offer great performance; however, they can be quite costly. Stan’s NoTubes offers a conversion kit for $64 that converts a set of standard


Ten Killer Tips From 2008 That Are Still Tr...

Mar 03, 2014Comments off95 Views

We were searching for a lost burrito in the bottom draw of our desk and came across these tips that either didn’t fit into a


Ten Mountain Bike Buying Tips You Won’...

Feb 27, 2014Comments off205 Views

Here are ten tips for buying the right mountain bike that you probably have not heard of before: 1. Read our tests. We pack a


Video: Rockshox Tech Pills – Maxle Li...

Jan 23, 2014Comments off132 Views

From SRAM: The new RockShox Maxle Lite featured on Pike has been refined to provide a more secure interface and ease of adjustment. In this


Mountain Bike Action Tech Minutes: Wash You...

Jan 06, 2014Comments off252 Views

Ok, washing your bike isn’t rocket science. However, there’s a right and a wrong way to do it. Check out a few of our secrets


Mountain Bike Action Tech Minute: How-To Vi...

Nov 18, 2013Comments off148 Views

Tech Minutes are short films about simple adjustments or technologies that may be overlooked by many riders. A very cool tip for a DIY chainstay


Mountain Bike Action Tech Minute: Do It You...

Oct 24, 2013Comments off105 Views

3M makes the best cycling product that they don’t even know is a cycling product. Their 2228 electrical sealing tape (mastic tape) makes a great