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How To Ride Loose Climbs

Jun 25, 2014Comments off464 Views

There are days when the trails are perfectly moist and tacky and it seems you can do no wrong. Your tires are hooking up like


Mountain Bike Action Tech Minute: Super Eas...

Jun 23, 2014Comments off651 Views

Here is a simple trick when replacing (or inserting) a tube that makes the job a lot easier. If you have been doing it wrong,

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Tire Tips From Kenda

Jun 21, 2014Comments off842 Views

Pretty great tips from Kenda Tires: 1. Always run tires in the direction that the arrow on the sidewall indicates. Running a tire backwards may

101 tips

101 Tips To Start The New Season Off Right

Jun 10, 2014Comments off2143 Views

This is not a rehash of the last 101 tips story we ran. There may be a bit of overlap, because good tips are good


Mountain Bike Action How to: Stop Brake Squ...

Mar 20, 2014Comments off2610 Views

The modern-day mountain bike disc brake, be it mechanically or hydraulically actuated, is a technical wonder. These little stoppers offer great control and seldom fade


How To: Installing a Stan’s NoTubes T...

Mar 19, 2014Comments off1101 Views

Tubeless wheelsets offer great performance; however, they can be quite costly. Stan’s NoTubes offers a conversion kit for $64 that converts a set of standard


Ten Killer Tips From 2008 That Are Still Tr...

Mar 03, 2014Comments off102 Views

We were searching for a lost burrito in the bottom draw of our desk and came across these tips that either didn’t fit into a


Ten Mountain Bike Buying Tips You Won’...

Feb 27, 2014Comments off266 Views

Here are ten tips for buying the right mountain bike that you probably have not heard of before: 1. Read our tests. We pack a


Video: Rockshox Tech Pills – Maxle Li...

Jan 23, 2014Comments off145 Views

From SRAM: The new RockShox Maxle Lite featured on Pike has been refined to provide a more secure interface and ease of adjustment. In this


Mountain Bike Action Tech Minutes: Wash You...

Jan 06, 2014Comments off391 Views

Ok, washing your bike isn’t rocket science. However, there’s a right and a wrong way to do it. Check out a few of our secrets