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Photo of the Day: Over the Bars, Part 2

Apr 27, 2015Comments off139 Views

Can he land on his feet, or is he doomed? Check back tomorrow. Photo: JK


Photo of the Day: Over the Bars at Fontana

Apr 26, 2015Comments off294 Views

A  downhill racer gets launched over the bars as he hits a boulder at the Fontana City National. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action


Photo of the Day: Morning in South Africa

Apr 25, 2015Comments off176 Views

Riders head out in early morning for one of the eight stages in the 2015 Absa Cape Epic in South Africa. Photo by Sam Clark/Cape Epic/SPORTZPICS


Photo of the Day: Aaron Chase at the Sea Ot...

Apr 24, 2015Comments off197 Views

Freeride mountain biker Aaron Chase, catching big air while still making it look good at the Sea Otter Classic. Photo and caption by Tristan Courtney. (Editor’s


Photo of the Day: Kirt Voreis

Apr 23, 2015Comments off202 Views

Good style never goes out of fashion. Kirt Voreis shows the Sea Otter downhill crowd a good example of that truism. Photo: JK/Mountain Bike Action


Photo of the Day: Here’s Something Yo...

Apr 22, 2015Comments off373 Views

The Sea Otter introduced a new type of competition this past weekend: dual slalom racing between tandem teams. The two teams got to pre-run the course


Photo of the Day: Aaron Gwin, On His Way to...

Apr 21, 2015Comments off378 Views

Aaron Gwin takes flight on his Specialized Enduro 29 en route to winning the Pro Men’s Downhill at the Sea Otter on Sunday, to beat a field of over 100


Photo of the Day: Inside the World’s ...

Apr 20, 2015Comments off413 Views

Riders have fun riding the trails and jump lines in the Louisville Mega Cavern, claimed to be the world’s first underground mountain bike park. The park

Photo of the Day: Flex Stays

Apr 19, 2015Comments off461 Views

One of the areas where designers have experimented is in the use of flat chainstays, which can flex up and down to produce smoother rides over rough terrain. This Dean


Photo of the Day: Mike Mahoney and His Wood...

Apr 18, 2015Comments off525 Views

 Mike Mahoney of Savvy Cycles shows off his handiwork, which might be the world’s first wooden fat bike. Photo: John Ker/Mountain Bike Action