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Photo of the Day: Mountain Biking in Phoeni...

Apr 13, 2012Comments off4 Views

Mountain biking in Phoenix, Arizona. The best months to ride in Phoenix are  probably from October to April. The rest of the year, you better


Photo of the Day: Wade Simmons at Whistler,...

Apr 12, 2012Comments off5 Views

Wade Simmons, Whistler, B.C. They call Wade “the Godfather” at Whistler. He earned it. It’s a term of respect and affection rather than fear, but


Photo of the Day: Jerry Vanderpool of Hippi...

Apr 11, 2012Comments off5 Views

Jerry Vanderpool, the head guy at HippieTech Suspension, shows a lot of style, and a lot of hair, for a pro downhiller in his mid 40s.


Photo of the Day: Richie Schley at Whistler...

Apr 09, 2012Comments off5 Views

Richie Schley, Freight Train Trail, Whistler. Photo by John Ker/Mountain Bike Action


Photo of the Day: Mountain Biking in the H...

Apr 08, 2012Comments off7 Views

Taylor Lideen (right) and Jon Pettit tackle a challenging descent in the hills near Phoenix, Arizona. Photo by John Ker/Mountain Bike Action


Photo of the Day: Mikey Sylvestri and Shane...

Apr 07, 2012Comments off9 Views

Mikey Sylvestri and Shane McNulty blaze down one of the main trails at Northstar-at-Tahoe, not far from Reno, Nevada. Note the irrigation pipe that runs


Photo of the Day: Jimmy Oneal, As Viewed fr...

Apr 06, 2012Comments off8 Views

Jimmy Oneal tackles a rocky descent somewhere in Southern California. Photo by John Ker/Mountain Bike Action


Photo of the Day: Shane McNulty, Northstar-...

Apr 03, 2012Comments off2 Views

Shane McNulty, Intense M9 bike test for MBA, Northstar-at-Tahoe. Photo by John Ker/Mountain Bike Action


Photo of the Day: Stopping Along the Trail,...

Apr 02, 2012Comments off2 Views

If you’ve never ridden here before, you should. This place is fun. Fruita, Colorado. Photo: Mountain Bike Action


Photo of the Day: Sneak Peek at a Story in ...

Apr 01, 2012Comments off3 Views

Here’s a killer trail that’s in the May issue of Mountain Bike Action. Pick up a copy in the next  few weeks to find out