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Video: Four By Three – Gee and Dan At...

Nov 30, 2012Comments off10 Views

Here’s a little GoPro sneak peak of what’s to come in Clay Porter’s new mini-series: Four by Three.


Nico Vink’s 500m Cable Cam – Ma...

Nov 29, 2012Comments off10 Views

500 meter cable cam from ANTIMEDIA on Vimeo.


Video: Kona’s Shred-Half Dirt Jumper,...

Nov 29, 2012Comments off30 Views

At Kona we take great pride in making high-performing, durable, fairly-priced, super fun to ride bikes that aren’t bound to one specific genre of cycling.


Video: Shimano explains Aaron Gwin’s ...

Nov 28, 2012Comments off18 Views

Skip ahead to 7:48 for Shimano’s explanation of Gwin’s brake failure. While initial reports indicated that both of Gwin’s front and rear brakes had failed


Video: SRAM XX 1 – CHAPTER 4: CROSS C...

Nov 28, 2012Comments off5 Views

SRAM XX1, the first ever 1X specific MTB drivetrain, has already collected all the most important titles in Cross Country racing: Olympic gold and silver


Video: Strava Terrorist – Think Your ...

Nov 28, 2012Comments off105 Views

This masked villain is out to steal your KOM times on a souped-up Honda 50cc dirt bike. Strava junkies, beware.


$2000 Trail Bike Shootout: Specialized, Gia...

Nov 27, 2012Comments off748 Views

What’s the Best Way to Spend 20 Benjamins? Two thousand dollars will buy you many things. It could buy you a junky car, a laptop


Just a Lazy Afternoon of Riding with Aaron ...

Nov 26, 2012Comments off13 Views

A small section of the 45-minute bike movie “What’s Next” from 21 year-old Canadian Aaron Larocque. Totally free download in HD quality on www.geax.com The


Video: A World Cup Season with Damien Spagn...

Nov 26, 2012Comments off20 Views

A short recap of Damien World Cup season. Damien Spagnolo / Season recap 2012 from Gianluca Ricceri on Vimeo. Music Credits:  “Church of noise” by


Mountain Bike Action Tech Tip: Heated Grips

Nov 25, 2012Comments off54 Views

We know you don’t stop riding your mountain bike just because it is getting cold outside and snow is falling. The AME MTB Heated ERGO