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Take A Lap On New Jersey’s First Publ...

Nov 10, 2011Comments off11 Views

Pump Track, (noun.) [p?mp 'tr‘k]; 1. a continuous series of dirt rollers and insloped turns. 2. trails which can be ridden and enjoyed by cyclist


Mountain Bike Action Test Track Video

Nov 08, 2011Comments off5 Views

Sit co-pilot for a run on one of our favorite trails right here in SoCal. Shot with a Contour Roam camera from the downtube of a Yeti


Logan Bingelli and Kevin Aiello of KHS Shre...

Nov 06, 2011Comments off8 Views

Mountain Bike Action caught up with Logan Binggeli and Kevin Aiello of team KHS at a secret location in Southern California to see how their off

How To Set Sag Properly with Fox Racing Sho...

Nov 01, 2011Comments off7 Views


Extreme Product Testing: Niner Drops the Ha...

Nov 01, 2011Comments off15 Views

Chris Sugai of Niner Bikes does some pretty extreme product testing in this video, in order to dispel myths of carbon parts being more susceptible to


Trials on an All Mountain Bike? – Kil...

Oct 25, 2011Comments off5 Views

Is there anything an “all-mountain” bike can’t do? This video from Whyex productions has elements of trail, downhill, trials and cross country riding. The catch?


Cam Zink and Kyle Strait. The Descent Part ...

Oct 14, 2011Comments off7 Views

Absolutely incredible footage of Cameron Zink and Kyle Strait out in the Utah desert doing what they do best. Be sure to watch the whole


Playtime at Duthie Hill (Video)

Oct 14, 2011Comments off10 Views

Enjoying a morning at Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park. Located just outside of Seattle, Washington, this public park boasts 120 acres of mountain biking paradise


First ride on the Trek Session 9.9 and Slas...

Oct 07, 2011Comments off10 Views

Up in Whistler with a wealth of professional riders including: Aaron Gwin, Ross Schnell, Rene Wildhaber, and Andrew Shandro testing out the new carbon Session


Tech Savvy: Niner Air Nine Internal Cable R...

Sep 29, 2011Comments off8 Views

John “Fuzzy” Mylne is a very tech savvy guy. He’s constantly on the road promoting everything that is Niner. In this video, Fuzzy takes you