2014 Products from Shimano

March 2, 2013
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Shimano has reacted promptly to riding trends and interest in larger wheel mountain bikes and has come to market with products for 27.5″ and 29″ mountain bikes. The company will now offer multiple 27.5″ mountain bike wheels at various price points and new big wheel friendly additions include new Dyna-sys Deore XT and SLX components.

Big wheel specific Dyna-sys cranks

For 2014, Shimano introduces new Dyna-Sys compact triple cranks tailored for mountain bikers riding 29″ and 27.5″ bikes. The 40-30-22T combination is available in Deore XT, SLX and new Deore 610 series groups and offers the ultimate in trail gearing for 29 and 27.5″ wheeled bicycles. To compliment the new gearing, two new front derailleurs will be offered in the Deore XT and SLX lines, the FD-M781-A-B and the FD-M671-A-B, down swing models with a low profile design for excellent clearance.

Shimano supports 27.5″ bikes with multiple models, expands 29″ offerings

Shimano has greatly expanded its MTB wheel offerings with two new 27.5″ wheel sets available at the Deore XT level and in the new WH-MT35. Also new for 2014 is the WH-MT15 that is available in 26″ and 29″ sizes.

Entirely new Deore performance mountain bike group

Deore 610 is Shimano’s new performance mountain bike group, that offers Rider Tuned customization and is redesigned with trickle-down Shimano technologies like Dyna-Sys gearing, Shadow Plus clutch rear derailleurs, ICE Technologies hydraulic disc brake systems, 2×3 chain ring mode converters. Features like an available 15mm front thru-axle, ICE Technologies rotors and black and silver color options make Deore more attractive than ever. Available in double and triple chain ring offerings, Deore 610 is a true performance mountain bike component group available at fantastic price points.

New, more durable chains for XT and SLX

Both the XT and SLX chains have become more efficient, more silent and most importantly, more durable thanks to a new advanced surface treatment technology.



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