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Perfect Way To End A Ride

July 9, 2014
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The best rides are the ones you don’t want to end. And when they do come to an end, chances are it is because the sun is going down. This month’s Trail Mix takes a look at riders finishing really great rides.

MIX 1That’s my friend (Matthew Jenks) and myself in profile riding the Chumash Trail in Simi Valley at sunset. My favorite evening ride! Matt’s wife, Julia, snapped this one during a quick pause as we raced down in the twilight glow of orange and purple.
David Roman
Sherman Oaks, California

Mix 2The evening’s light is getting shorter each day. I’m pondering another lap around our Lake Hefner Trail in Oklahoma City on my Gary Fisher Paragon.
Scott Young
Midwest City, Oklahoma

Mix 3On the Porcupine Rim Trail in Moab, Utah. Sunset downhill ride for my birthday. Riders are Aaron Braggs and Sasha Pasler. Photographer Josh Lee.
Rick Pasler
Moab, Utah

Mix 4
An open field in Logan City, Queensland, Australia. The bike is my Mongoose Tyax 2012 Expert.
Logan City, Australia

Mix 5Riding into the sunset (or away from it) after seven hours of riding trails, hills and the occasional downhill in and around my beautiful city of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, I finish off with a nice relaxing ride through a park called Deer Lake Park on my way home. I happen to catch the sun setting in the background, so it was a great photo opportunity! Oh, and I lost 7 pounds during that ride! 😀
Eli Basas
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Mix 6My bike just before sunset in Laguna Canyon.
Brian Bartlett
Laguna Beach, California


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