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Photo of the Day: Troy Brosnan and Aaron Gwin Are Racing 27.5-Inch Wheels This Year

July 20, 2014
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Specialized has confirmed that Troy Brosnan (shown here at Mont-Saint-Anne last year) and teammate Aaron Gwin have both been racing with 27.5-inch wheels this year. Specialized won’t say anything more officially yet, other than confirming our observation from photos we’ve examined that both Gwin and Brosnan have been testing the new wheel size on the World Cup circuit this year. Gwin won the opening World Cup race of the year, racing on an Enduro Evo 650b, but after that, he has been riding a Specialized Demo 8 downhill frame with 27.5-inch wheels. He recently won the National Downhill Championship on the 275-inch tires, too. Troy was also using 27.5-inch wheels when he won his first World Cup downhill recently. Specialized will make an announcement on August 12th regarding their gravity program for next year. Until then, we can only surmise that Specialized will be marketing a new 27.5-inch-wheeled downhill bike for 2015.  –John Ker/Mountain Bike Action


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