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PressCamp 2014 Kicks Off

June 16, 2014
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Why should you care about PressCamp? No, this is not where the wrecking crew goes to brush up on proper English usage. This is where we go to get a look at new products from a select number of companies. So far, Pivot, Niner, Cannondale, GT and Camelbak have all promised to show off some new bikes and gear. Stay tuned.


The 6th year of PressCamp is the largest to date. Stay tuned for new product information.


Bill Rudell (Cannondale) and Carla Huckee (Niner) prove competitors can be friends.


Renowned photographer Ian Hylands on the other side of a lens.


This is just the entrance to the St. Regis that is up on the hill. Guests travel up the mountain on a giant tram. We are not staying at the Regis.


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