September 20, 2004
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R. Cunningham

DT/Swiss is producing a very well-made tubeless tire conversion this season. DT Swiss is well known for its world-class stainless steel spokes and smooth-running hubs. This year, however, the precision manufacturer announced its pro-level wheel-building facility in Fruita, Colorado (and at the Switzerland factory too). We have thrash tested their lightweight XR 4.1-D cross-country hoops and can report that there are none better. Now, DT/Swiss has developed a rim band, sealer and a special liner that converts its rims to accept UST tubeless tires. The system is called ?Tubelesskit,? which shouldn?t be too hard to understand, and costs about 35 bucks.

1) Remove the existing rim strip and clean the rim surface.
2) Wrap the inside of the rim with DT/Swiss? double-surfaced tape.
3) Puncture a hole for the valve stem and pull the backing off the double-sided tape.
4) Install the stem and slip the molded rim band so it is centered between the rim flanges.
5) Press the band firmly onto the tape.
6) Install tire (No soap or suds required)
7) Fill with DT/Swiss sealer, then install valve core with the included wrench.
8) Add air and go ride

The whole process is pretty simple. I had two DT wheels converted in less than a half hour from box to inflation. The only warning I can help you with is to take care when lining up the rim band over the sticky tape surface. Once it’s on there, the band is tough to get at if you want to readjust it. I used Hutchinson Scorpion UST tires first, and I could air them up by hand without any fuss. I have yet to get a flat, and only time will tell if DT/Swiss? sealant is as good as the most popular tubeless conversion system’s.

Afterwards, I tried to convert a set of non-UST Tioga Blue Dragon tires to see if the DT/Swiss kit could compete with the Stan’s NoTubes system.
The Stan’s Notubes system accepted the Tioga tires with about the same amount of trouble getting the tires started, although I could air them up with the use of a standard air pump, whereas I needed an air compressor to get the Tioga tires onto the DT/Swiss conversion wheels. In defense of the DT/Swiss Tubelesskit, however, I was so near to success with the hand pump that it only took one ?fisssssssst? with the compressor to get the beads seated. Once aired up, both the Stan’s- and DT-converted wheels could be seated and filled successively with a hand pump.
Contact DT/Swiss in the USA at: info@dtswiss-us.com or www.dtswiss.com

The DT/Swiss ?Tubelesskit? includes a molded rim band, a bottle of sealer, a roll of double-sticky tape, and a special Presta valve assembly with a removable valve core. The instructions are easy to follow.


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