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Ten Killer Tips From 2008 That Are Still True Today

March 3, 2014
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We were searching for a lost burrito in the bottom draw of our desk and came across these tips that either didn’t fit into a story or were dropped into the bottom draw by accident. They date back to 2008 and they are as relevant  now as their were eight years ago. Enjoy…

DT SWISS: Do you build your own wheels? We offer a spoke length calculator on dtswiss.com (it is hidden at the bottom of the home page). Plug in the rim and hub specs, the desired cross pattern, and it will calculate the correct spokes to use.

HARO: A suspension fork is the most overlooked maintenance item. People ride for years never checking or replacing the oil in their fork, but they will replace drivetrains seasonally. Fork oil wears just as quick as a chain stretches. If you are uncomfortable doing it yourself, have a pro suspension shop service your suspension.

PIVOT CYCLES: It is a popular notion that you can get a racier feel by running less sag. This might be true on very early suspension, but nothing could be further from the truth on modern suspension, and especially on quad link designs with intelligent axle paths. It’s pedal power that resists compression, and not shock preload. The harder you pedal, the more solid the rear end gets.

PIVOT CYCLES: You do not need the ProPedal on when riding a quad link bike. Try it, and you’ll be surprised at how very efficient, controlled and bob free the ride is. It’s faster climbing choppy, rocky ground without the ProPedal. You accelerate up instead of spinning and fighting for traction.

MANITOU: Turn the bike upsidedown and compress the front fork a dozen times before using a bike after it has been in storage for a period of time. This allows the oils in the fork to lubricate moving parts and seals prior to the system experiencing the big stresses of riding.

ROCKSHOX: The air chart on the back of the fork leg and in your manual is just a guide. Use it to get in the ballpark with your initial settings, but don’t treat it as gospel.

MUC-OFF: Our product makes it easy to achieve a car wash-style cleaning with a garden hose. Before applying our De-Greaser, first rinse the bike down. Leave the water on for a couple of minutes to pre-loosen the dirt and grit.

MUC-OFF: Our Chain Lube is also a great all-around penetrant oil for components and cable systems.

MUC-OFF: For greater durability and depth of shine, multiple coats of Miracle Shine can be applied. The key is to allow a full 24 hours between applications.

RACE FACE: First read the directions! Then read them again. If you are not willing to follow product instructions, please allow for a reputable pro bike shop to install and maintain components and hardware.



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