Pearly Possum Socks

June 1, 2014
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A New Zealand vacation is the beginning of a business


Duke and Margo Lambert were on a mountain biking vacation in New Zealand when they each picked up a pair of a locally made hiking socks because they needed something warmer than cycling socks. They were so blown away with the socks’ performance that they knew other cyclists would be just as impressed.

Tech features: The $38 Pearly Possum Socks are made from 45-percent Merino wool, 40-percent possum fur, 10-percent nylon and 5-percent Isolfil. They have a reinforced heel and a compression-fit construction. They are available in small, medium or large and come in a natural brown color. They are sold directly from the company’s website.


Field test results: The Pearly Possum Socks feel too thick for a cycling sock, but the sock compresses nicely once the shoe is slipped on. We did not feel pressure points or feel cramped, even in shoes that fit rather snugly from the start.

The socked breathed really well, which is important because you need cold-weather socks to keep your feet warm without being so hot that they cause sweating. We stayed dry and warm while testing in temps in the mid to upper 30s.

The socks were also tested inside of 800-gram, insulated hunting boots while fat biking in Minnesota’s below-zero temps. We experienced the same results: warmth with minimal sweating. Very impressive.

Riders who contend with serious snowpack and find themselves stepping into knee-to-thigh-deep snow will wish that Pearly offered a taller sock to better seal up the boots.

We washed and dried a few pairs a number of times without any problems as far as shrinking or unraveling. As far as general warmth and breathability, the Pearly Possum Socks are the best New Zealand import since Kashi Leuchs.

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