Trail Truth: Lake MX331 MTB Shoe

May 31, 2014
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Up against a lot of tough competition


Lake Shoes is a company based in the Netherlands that offers an extensive line of cycling shoes for mountain bikers, roadies and triathletes. We tested their $379 MX331 MTB Shoe that is positioned on the high-end of the company’s performance segment. Stage Race Distributing distributes them in the United States.

Tech features: The MX331 MTB Shoe uses a Kangaroo leather upper that is anti-microbial treated. Silver mesh is also used in the upper to aid air flow. The outsole uses real rubber, and the sole is SPD compatible. The MX331 has a patent-pending, 100-percent carbon fiber sole with thermaformable enforcement material in the arch. The shoe retention is handled by a BOA technology closure system. The shoe is available in both men’s and women’s models in all popular sizes. Colors are red or silver. Our shoes weighed 14.6 ounces each without cleats.


Field test results: We ran into a deal breaker before we ever clicked into a pedal. The shoe’s cleat mounts, or rails, are positioned too far to the rear of the sole. Sliding the cleat all the way forward in the mounting rails was not far enough forward to get the ball of our feet over the pedal’s axle. If the ball of your foot is not directly over the pedal axle, you are either losing power or putting undue stress on your knees. We have never seen a shoe with the cleat mounting so far rearward.

With the cleats mounted as far forward as possible, we were able to ride in the shoe, but so what? With so many great cycling shoes to choose from, why suffer through trying to make the best out of a bad situation?

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