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Spy Shots from Domahidy Designs’ New Bike


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Domahidy Designs, the new start-up from the co-founder of Niner Bikes, has been delivering frames to the marketplace for a year now, having followed up a successful Kickstarter campaign with the launch of their first carbon bike, the Domahidy Designs Carbon Road.  For 2016, Domahidy Designs is going back to the mountain, and back to metal.  They are launching their new mountain bike on Mountain Bike Radio’s podcast “Just Riding Along” on Feb. 24, 2016.  “It’s such a fun show to be involved with,” says Steve Domahidy, founder and President of Domahidy Designs, “Matt and Andrea came to me and asked if I was coming out with something, and I just happened to be working on the launch of the new bike, so it seemed fitting to go over there and talk about it via their podcast.”  Teaser shots of the new bike reveal enough to put the pieces together, but full bike specs and information has been shortcoming.  “We’re super excited at ‘Just Riding Along’ to have Steve come on again and talk about his new rig,” says Andrea Wilson, co-host of Just Riding Along. “We love ti, and his new bike is more ti awesomeness.  Oh, was I not supposed to reveal that yet?” Wilson says with a grin.  The remainder of the release information will be revealed in the interview on Just Riding Along on Feb. 24, which will also be the go-to for full details and specifications.  Mountain Bike Radio will also have pics of the completed bike.  For more information or to listen to the podcast and get the lowdown on the day, visit http://mountainbikeradio.com/domahidy-designs/

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