10 Things to be Thankful for Today

While there are numerous aspects of our lives to be thankful for, here’s 10 specific to mountain bikers that come to mind, whether silly or meaningful:

1. Your sport provides you with an keen acceptance of dirt that enables you to embrace getting dirty, on or off the bike. Nobody digs a garden better than a mountain biker.

2. Regardless of which discipline you enjoy most, every foot of elevation you gain or lose will be rewarded by the inverse.

3. There will always been a new product trend to debate the pros and cons of with your buddies.

4. Tacos are always an acceptable pit stop on the way home after a long ride.

5. The falling of rain will always mean something completely different to you than to those who don’t ride.

6. Mountain biking will consistently allow you to temporarily disconnect from the rest of the world, while others plan trips just to do so.

7. Your friends and family will always picture you riding terrain that is far more radical and gnarly that it likely is.

8. You’re passionate about mountain biking for the enjoyment it gives you, but it comes with the added benefit of keeping you in shape and probably pedaling into a late age.

9. People dig mountain bikers.

10. The finances to buy any level of mountain bike means that you’re surely able to afford a turkey to share with family or friends, which is something out of reach for many people in the world.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! Be thankful and grateful for what you have, but more importantly, be sure to get out and ride!

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