Crankworx 2018 – Bike Check with Nico Vink

Nico Vink is a madman on a bike whether he’s styling it out over huge jumps or holding manuals down the entire Whistler Mountain. In fact, if you haven’t seen his latest video we highly suggest you scroll down and check it out. Don’t worry we’ll wait.

Now that you’ve seen Vink in action we’ll tell you a little more about this rider from Belgium.  Nico, born in 1983, not only has a passion for riding bikes but is also well regarded as one of the worlds top trail builders. Vink, along with Kristof Lenssens founded Ride Creations, a company that strives to engineer bike parks that suit every level of riding. The tracks Vink builds for himself and his friends, however, are only suitable for the world’s most talented and daring freestyle mountain bikers.

Career Highlights          

  • 12th place World Cup DH in Pila
  • Crankworx Whistler dual slalom second place
  • Fest Series
  • Building the Loosefest jumps and the Vinkline at bikepark Chatel

Nico continues to ride 26″ wheels even though his friends give him a hard time for it. He told us when he’s not racing and just looking to have fun in the bike park he prefers riding 26″ wheels for a more nimble and playful feel.