Ronan Dunne makes mud riding look easy in this insane video

Ronan Dunne  and Nukeproof are ending the year off right with an absolutely insane shredit. Ronan is one of those guys who makes everything look easy and is willing to go bigger than just about anyone else. A fantastic example of this is his 4th place in the most recent running of Red Bull Hardline in 2022. I hope you’re ready for this video.

Check out the epic photos shot by Briggy Smalls down below the video.


Photo credit – Briggy Smalls
Photo Credit – Briggy Smalls





Photo credit – Briggy Smalls
Photo Credit – Briggy Smalls
Photo credit – Briggy Smalls
Photo credit – Briggy Smalls
Photo credit – Briggy Smalls

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Ronan Dunne: Doing dangerous stuff, safely? Part 1: The MUST WATCH

Ronan Dunne: One of the most exciting talents to grace the Downhill World Cup. The Full Fat milk guzzling 20-
year-old farmer from Wicklow, Ireland is the real deal.
Scroll back to Snowshoe 2022 and watch his face as the realisation set in that he would be standing on a World
Cup Podium, it’s simply spine-tingling. It’s a moment, a 19-year-old makes history. The first Irish rider to stand
on a UCI World Cup Podium, shoulder to shoulder with some incredible company. It’s a day the Continental-
Nukeproof ace will remember for the rest of his days.
“No words could describe the feeling, so unreal and never thought it be possible that’s why I’ll

do everything in my power to get that feeling back”

But whilst this was the day most World Cup fans were introduced to Ronan; he’s long held as the “one to
watch” by his competitors on the World Cup circuit. If there is a dubious line or sketchy section on the track,
Ronan will be sending it. He's the unofficial king of practise and in the second half of 2022 he exploded onto the
World Cup circuit, both with his on-track results and off-track antics.
It was all different in 2021, Ronan wasn’t even planning on racing anything let alone World Cups. He’s won
pretty much everything in Ireland. But whilst Ireland is one of the finest places to live, it is a challenge for
riders to get to races and events that gain the attention of the international media and the industry to win
support. This changed with a call from just north of the border from the Cumming family. They were also in a
similar position, but the Cumming’s had the (slightly) ambitious plan; set up an elite team to support Irish
riders on the world stage. Thanks to the support and belief from Continental tyres (and a little help from
Nukeproof), this dream was made a reality in 2021 with the creation of Continental-Nukeproof Factory Racing.

Ronan Dunne; Doing Dangerous Stuff Safely

It wasn’t just Ronan’s breakthrough result of 17 th place in Les Gets 2021 that put the team on the map. The
team have made Continental-Nukeproof pits the go-to place for young strays to hang out. On any given
Sunday, you will see a selection on energy capped young adults winding down after the race and enjoying the
craic. Serious racing, serious fun, all done in a supportive family environment.
Before we fully introduce you to the prestigious talent that is Ronan Dunne and the Continental-Nukeproof
Factory team, its only right we give you a taster. What better way than sending Caldwell Visuals to capture a
bit of the lifestyle and wildness from Ronan's back yard. Whilst Wicklow, Ireland isn’t blessed with huge
elevation, it houses some wicked technical terrain. Wet snipper roots and dicey booters make for some spicy
practise tracks to prepare you for World Cup glory.

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