Read on to find out who beat both of them in this World Cup race 10 years ago

Jaroslav Kulhavy and Nino Schurter were two of the top mountain bikers in the world in 2013. Kulhavy had beaten Nino a year earlier in the 2012 Olympics, with Jaroslav getting the gold and Nino getting the silver in one of the most exciting XC races in history.

The shot shown below was taken during the Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup race in Canada in August of 2013. Kulhavy is in front here, and Nino Schurter looks like he’s taking his time, waiting to make his attack.

Kulhavy started running out of energy after the first lap, dropping out of the top ten by the finish. Two-time Olympic gold medalist Julien Absalon overtook the leaders and then dropped everybody on the way to his 26th World Cup win.  Jose Antonio Hermida, who had been the sport’s 2010 XC World Champion, took second this day, and Nino ended up placing third. Kulhavy ended up taking 16th this day.

Nino held onto the 2013 World Cup points lead after this race was over, thanks to the fact that he had won the three previous World Cup races of 2013.

Kulhavy regained his form a month later to win the final XC World Cup race of 2013. Nino took second in that one, but it was enough for him to clinch the overall XC World Cup title for the year.

Jaroslav Kulhavy leads Nino Schurter at Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec, in August of 2013. Photo: John Ker/Mountain Bike Action

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