20 Products You Should Know About From Outdoor Dirt Demo Interbike 2016

The first two days of the Interbike tradeshow, americas largest cycling show, are held in the dry and dusty desert of Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, Nevada. Its a chance for riders to come and actually try the new products on the trail. These are a few of our favorites we found while combing the show. We’ve only scratched the surface of the Interbike tradeshow, so stay tuned for more of the coolest things we find.

Wax-based lubricant, like Squirt, is necessary equipment in the Nevada desert. We’ve used this stuff with much success, as it tends to last much longer than mose other wax lubes.
SQ Labs Inner Bar Ends give riders an extra hand position that won’t snag obstacles like typical bar ends would. We would guess they’d feel a bit like the “top of the hoods” hand position on a road bike.
Shimano’s ME7 shoe is designed as an all-mountain, enduro, or everyday trail shoe. It comes to the table with a Michelin rubber sole with many of the rubber technologies developed through Michelin’s extensive tire testing and development. It looks like it would be a fairly hot shoe from a distance, but closer inspection reveals a mesh covered honeycomb ventilation system on the toe box and heel to keep air flow up and temps down.
Speedplay is all about precise fit, even on a mountain bike. Their “Syzr Sizers” are a system of shims that can make up for leg length discrepancies on their Syzr pedals. The different size axles also allow riders to experiment with different pedal widths.
MRP’s Ramp Control Upgrade cartridges are designed to replace the top cap and volume spacers on RockShox forks. The cartridges allow riders to custom tune the spring curve on the fly without disassembling the fork to add or remove spacers. They feature a 16-position range to dial the spring curve, and are not only more convenient to use, but also only take a reported 5 minutes to install. They’re compatible with all Pike, Boxxer, Yari and Lyric models.
The complimentary shuttle is the preferred mode of transport to the top of the steep Bootleg trails.
Paramedics are always on hand to bandage up the wounded riders. Nice work guys.
Onyx hubs provide instant engagement and a nearly silent mechanism compared to traditional pawl-style hubs. They work with a series of wedge-shaped cams that allow rotation in one direction, yet instantly resist in the other direction. This transparent display shows the guts nicely, but sadly, is not rideable. Too bad, we were hoping to be the first on the block with clear hubs.
Onyx hubs are available in every major hub size, and nearly any color you could ever want to color match your bike.
DT Swiss has a simple solution to determining your hub dimensions. With so many options out there, we welcome a simple solution like this little strip of plastic that can tell you everything you need to know about your hub size. As a bonus, you can also stir your coffee with it.
Speaking of simple, the DT Swiss Star Ratchet hub system has been one of our favorites for years, because it’s simple, and it works. This is an inside look on how it works.
BOA closure systems are popular as ever on riding shoes. Good to know that they are completely serviceable should you snag one on a rock and break it. Or, if you want to customize and match colors, you can do that too. All the parts are replaceable through BOA.
Vee Tire Co’s Flow Smasher is a heavy-duty downhill tire with a serious tread pattern that looks like it would grab the dirt like a pit bull on a poodle.
This wins the most interesting bike of the day award, complete with a Lauf leaf-spring fork and Nextie Black Eagle Tri-Spoke wheels.
Somebody didn’t get the memo that the demo started at 8am today. Or they were out a little too late indulging the Vegas lifestyle.
Double the fun with Santana’s tandem fatbike?
Magura’s MT7 brakes feature a larger 4-piston front caliper and a smaller 2-piston rear, both mated to a very lightweight Carbotecture lever. It’s the perfect brake for those looking for a balance between weight and power.
Crankbrothers F-Series tools are extremely compact and slim.
The F-series tools also open up to reveal nearly anything you could need for a trailside fix. They’re available in three different varieties with up to 15 tools.
Should you need to keep your current Crankbrothers pedals up to speed at Dirt Demo, the crew is available to give you service with a smile.
Hutchinson’s Toro Koloss is a 27.5+ tire with some serious meat. It’s available as a tubeless ready version with Hutchinson’s Spider Tech rubber.
Knight carbon came with some new rim profiles, including their Race, Enduro, and 27.5+ versions. The new rims have 22.5mm, 30, and 35-millimeter internal widths, respectively. The new hoops are said to have the same stiffness as other carbon wheels, but with more vertical compliance built in to soften the “jackhammer” ride quality some carbon wheels can offer.
Knight rims will be available aftermarket, but will also come as original equipment on many Turner bikes, like this absolutely beautiful Flux we spotted.
DVO’s Bryson Martin shows off their new dropper post dubbed the Garnet. The post features a remote cable actuated system and a hydraulic cartridge.
As a bonus, unlike other aftermarket shocks, the Topaz doesn’t interfere with the secretly stashed multi tool that Specialized designed into the shock mount with their SWAT system.
The DVO guys have been busy on this project as well, which is a custom mount that makes their Topaz air shock compatible with the Specialized mount on the Stumpjumper.
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