What started in 2002 under the name Swisspower MTB Team has now been running for two decades. It's fair to say it's a mountain bike racing story full of success.

Press Release
“We never lose! We either win or we learn”

Feldbach, Switzerland. Hard to believe, but 20 years ago the team now known as SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing was launched under the name Swisspower MTB Team. In the fast-paced environment of sports, it’s rare to see a team inspire for so long, especially at such a high and successful level. Champions such as Kate Courtney, Jenny Rissveds, Nino Schurter, Lars Forster, Florian Vogel and Thomas Frischknecht, to name just a few, have all contributed victories over the past two decades that can be summed up with impressive palmares:
  • 4 Olympic medals – 2 x gold
  • 17 World Champion titles
  • 8 World Cup Champion titles
  • 50 World Cup victories
  • 38 national titles
We look back with pride and fully motivated for whatever the future holds.
“We never lose! We either win or we learn”
In the team’s 20 years of existence, we have never had a bad year. Year after year, we have been spoiled by the wins that the SCOTT-SRAM athletes brought home. However, the 2021 season started out rough. Still getting over the Covid pandemic, some things didn’t come together in time for the season start. The longer the season lasted, the more the team felt their backs against the wall. Knowing all the work the athletes and the team behind them had put into the 2021 season, they knew it was only a matter of time before they could show off. But patience was needed. Not a real strength of the athletes and in particular their team manager…

In the end, the patience paid off big time. With N1NO’s World Championship and Lars’ European Champion title, the SCOTT-SRAM Team has two of the most prestigious jerseys on their shoulders.
Now we can look back to a tough 2021 season with a happy ending. It’s fair to say the 20th season was just as great as the 19 prior. And, as we learned from Nelson Mandela: “We never lose! We either win or we learn.”


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