Gene Hamilton of BetterRide shows us how to do it

Gene Hamilton is one of the top mountain bike coaches in the world.

Greg Minnaar — who many people say is the G.O.A. T. —the greatest downhill racer of all time-— has even helped Gene develop some of his tips and helped Gene lead some of the workshops.

Here’s what Gene says:

October! What a great month for riding. Cool weather, fall colors and it starts getting dark early enough to do night rides before my old man bedtime!

I hope you are out making the most of your days and enjoying the time you get to spend on the trails!

To save you from some scary bad advice, I have the 1st of my Braking Video Tutorials up. Yep, your Butt is Not Your 3rd Brake! Learn how to brake safer and with more confidence:

Keep an eye out for my follow-up braking video with Braking Drills to greatly improve this important and often overlooked skill.

Want to greatly improve your confidence and increase the speed you are comfortable riding at? Well, check out this video tutorial.

I made this video to sort out some dangerous advice I have seen and heard. Heck, I even coached this bad advice for the first five years of BetterRide!

Then, in 2004 I had a student crash while practicing this technique. My first thought was, “Well, he didn’t do exactly as I taught him.” My second thought was, “Yeah but, he basically did what I taught him and he crashed, there must be a better way to brake.”

To find the correct way to brake, I studied the best riders in the world and worked with the Greatest of All Time, Greg Minnaar. 

In this video, I explain how the best riders in the world control their speed. How To Brake Effectively on Your MTB

Click here to see the video:

I hope you find this helpful!

Create your best ride yet,
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