His main complaint is that he won't be able to attend the competition on Friday now, after his dig crew put in so much work building his line

Gee Atherton crashed during practice at the Red Bull Rampage in Utah this week and had to be airlifted to the hospital.

He was knocked unconscious and says he suffered fractures to his vertebrae and his skull, but he thinks he’s doing okay.

Here’s what he said on his Instagram page:

“Heavy day yesterday. Testing out the new drop on my Rampage run and a combo of slightly deep and a bit of a wind gust meant I couldn’t ride it out.

“Injuries are not too bad tho, some fractures to vertebrae and a few skull fractures will mean I’ll have to chill for a few weeks.

“What hurts the most tho is missing the event this Friday, especially after the dig crew have been putting in such an effort.

“Big thanks to the medical crew on site, and to @alfraynor, @kuli_1995 and @moonhead_media for creating this beast. We’ll be back”

Here’s his Instagram report:

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