A saddle that's for more than sitting on.

WTB’s new Devo saddle comes with a patent-pending Pickup feature that provides a simple yet effective way to lift and handle your bike, while also serving as a useful grab point for pushing up rough sections of trail. And because it’s strategically placed behind the sit-bone contact area, WTB says it’s completely unnoticeable while you’re pedaling.

The Devo Saddle also features a new Fusion Form base that allows WTB to fine-tune the amount of fiber infused into the nylon for each specific model. WTB says that this creates a flex profile that balances comfort, support, and durability to match the intended use of the saddle. For the Devo specifically, the Fusion Form base is designed to optimize base flex and damping for e-bikers who remain seated while pedaling up steep, technical terrain.


Other features of the Devo Saddle include a flat, supportive nose that provides ample area to slide forward when you want to keep the front tire down and maximize pedaling leverage on steep climbs, a rounded tail profile to prevent the saddle from snagging your shorts while moving on and off the saddle, and a tapered nose that provides leg clearance while pedaling. WTB says that it’s important to note that the saddle base is not designed to handle the force of towing a friend.

It comes in a 142mm width x 257mm length and is available with titanium, stainless, or chromoly saddle rails. The Devo is available in different versions featuring either chromoly or stainless steel rails, which come with HLX padding. On the other hand, the titanium rail model has WTB’s premier DNA padding. HLX padding is designed to provide a plusher feel compared to DNA padding, making it an excellent choice for individuals who prioritize comfort over weight reduction. DNA padding, on the other hand, is designed to deliver comfort and support during long rides while minimizing the weight of the saddle.



The titanium rail model costs $123 and weighs a claimed 215 grams while the stainless version retails at $120 and hits the scales at a claimed 249 grams. The chromoly-rail option weighs a bit more at 264 grams but costs less than the other two at $96. We have been riding on one of these saddles for a few weeks now and are impressed by its overall comfort. The claim that you can not feel the handle while riding is true. It feels like a very comfortable standard saddle until the time comes to lift the back of the bike, and then you’re thankful for the handle. We are still getting used to the look of it, but the handle really does make it easier to pick up heavier bikes.

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