"Johnny T" was showing his style again in this photo from BMX PLUS!

After seeing the reaction that we got to the photo of John Tomac test riding a Haro BMX bike for the February 1986 issue of BMX PLUS!, we decided to share another shot of Johnny T from around the same time. Here’s a shot of Tomac testing a GHP (Greg Hill Products) BMX bike that appeared in the March 1986 issue of BMX PLUS!  We don’t recall how many test bike shoots he did in those days, but MBA’s John Ker, who shot many of those early Tomac photos for BMX PLUS!,  remembers that Tomac was an exceptionally good rider (like his son Eli Tomac—the motocross and supercross star), so there’s a good chance that we’ll find a few more shots of “The Tomes” if we do some additional digging in the Hi-Torque photo files.

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