You may find a few surprises in here. Most of them are in places that we thought would be too cold for mountain biking in the winter, including Wyoming, Canada, and Minnesota, but it looks like the riders in these locations think differently


When local trails become too muddy or are blanketed in snow, the winter season can be disappointing for mountain biking enthusiasts. While venturing westward does offer warmer alternatives, many gravity parks at higher altitudes shut down during winter. However, there’s no need to lose hope because there are a few places where you can satisfy your gravity riding cravings year-round, and some of them might be closer than you realize. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 bike parks for winter shredding, ensuring you can keep cabin fever at bay.

Windrock Bike Park – Oliver Springs, TN


If you’re an East Coast resident seeking an exhilarating winter biking experience, look no further than Windrock Bike Park, located just north of Knoxville, Tennessee. This renowned bike park has established itself as one of the most exciting and challenging destinations for riders east of the Mississippi River. What sets Windrock apart is its year-round accessibility, allowing riders to continue refining their skills rather than enduring a winter hiatus.

Windrock Bike Park boasts a laid-back yet adventurous atmosphere. To access the park’s trails, you’ll embark on a unique journey—climbing aboard a flatbed truck equipped with benches that pulls a substantial bike trailer. While it may not be as efficient as a ski lift, it efficiently transports riders to the top of the trails. At the base, you’ll find a bike repair and rental shop, as well as a general store stocked with essential snacks and beverages. However, don’t expect the typical ski lodge experience here.

For those who can ride during weekdays and are willing to put in some sweat equity for their downhill runs, the bike park offers daily self-shuttle riding for an affordable fee of $10 per day. If you prefer shuttle service, you’ll need to plan your visit for the weekend. Additionally, Windrock Bike Park provides bike rental options, including enduro and downhill models, all at competitive rates. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable winter biking adventure at Windrock.

Bootleg Canyon MTB Park – Boulder City, NV

If you’re considering a winter biking adventure out west, Bootleg Canyon emerges as an ideal destination offering gravity-fueled excitement all year round. Whether you’re planning a cross-country road trip or typically ride in the elevated regions of Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah, Bootleg Canyon caters to your biking needs.

At the base of the mountain, you’ll discover an extensive network of XC trails that remain open throughout the year. If you prefer shuttle service, a local bike shop offers rides to the mountain’s summit on both Saturdays and Sundays throughout the winter season.

Bootleg Canyon’s trail system offers a diverse array of challenges suitable for riders of varying skill levels. For those seeking thrilling downhill experiences, taking the shuttle to the top and hiking up to the radio towers provides access to trails like “Snakeback” and “Armageddon” DH, which lead to numerous other trails, including the renowned “Poopchute.” If you’re interested in more relaxed shuttle runs, “Skyline” awaits—a rugged all-mountain trail with high-speed segments and rock drops.

When venturing to Bootleg Canyon, it’s crucial to prioritize safety by bringing ample protective gear. The trail surfaces here are sharp and unforgiving, posing a significant risk of injury even from minor mishaps. We strongly recommend wearing knee pads and elbow pads, regardless of your riding style. Ensure a safe and thrilling winter biking experience at Bootleg Canyon.


Spider Mountain Bike Park – Burnet, TX

Despite the common saying that everything is bigger in Texas, Spider Mountain stands as a unique exception. It proudly holds the title of being the first and only bike park in North America with year-round lift-accessed trails. However, it distinguishes itself by its modest vertical drop of just 350 feet from top to bottom, making it one of the more compact bike parks in the running. Nevertheless, if you happen to find yourself in central Texas with a day to spare, a visit to Spider Mountain is a must.

Located approximately an hour’s drive through the scenic hill country northwest of Austin, Spider Mountain is nestled on the picturesque shores of Lake Buchanan. This property has a rich history as a vacation destination dating back to the 1930s. When Mountain Capital Partners acquired the land in 2018, they retained the historic Thunderbird Lodge, which offers a charming mix of motel rooms, cabins, and prefabricated accommodations. This laid-back campus serves as an excellent basecamp for exploring the bike park and the nearby Reveille Peak Ranch, just a short 3-mile drive away. Although the two riding areas are independently owned and managed, their proximity makes them almost synonymous for riders.

Currently, Spider Mountain features the Texas Eagle chairlift, boasting 12 lift-accessed bike trails and one hiking trail. The longest trail, Creepy Crawly Skills Park, winds its way down the hill, covering an impressive 2 miles. The green-designated trail, Itsy Bitsy, comes in next at 1.36 miles in length. Most of the blue and black trails are under a mile, with the double-black trail, Sleep Tight, holding the title of the shortest trail at just 0.02 miles.

Spirit Mountain Bike Park – Duluth, MN

If your winter aspiration includes exhilarating snow biking, look no further than Spirit Mountain Bike Park in Duluth, Minnesota. Starting every Sunday in January, cyclists have the opportunity to hit the lifts and cruise the slopes on their fat bikes, sharing the snowy terrain with skiers and snowboarders.

Spirit Mountain Bike Park welcomes riders to explore various sections of the park, including the snow-covered mountain bike trails. It’s essential to note that fat bikes with tires measuring 3.5″ or wider are mandatory, and all bikes must pass a thorough safety inspection. If you don’t happen to own a fat bike, worry not, as Continental Ski and Bike provides rental options to ensure you can partake in this exciting winter biking adventure. Get ready to embrace the thrill of snow biking at Spirit Mountain Bike Park.

Grand Targhee Bike Park – Alta, WY

Another bike park that gives you the full winter treatment is Grand Targhee in Alta, Wyoming. In the winter months, the trail crew busts out their snowmobiles and groomers to pack down a network of fat-bike trails. In fact, Grand Targhee was the first resort in the United States to embrace fat-bike trails on nordic trail systems. You’ll get access to seven miles of snow-covered MTB trails, along with 10 miles of groomed nordic track.



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