Thousand Oaks, California

This past weekend, Sapwi Bike Park in Thousand Oaks, California, held the Halloween Jump Jam on Saturday afternoon. MBA staffers JJ Squires and John Ker showed up to check it out. JJ rode and shot video footage, and JK shot a lot of photos. JJ even rode in the best-whip competition. We couldn’t name all the people in our photos, but we could name some of them.
Here’s what the event’s spokesperson, Peter Sullivan, told us after the event: “The event and the entire Sapwi Bike Park [were] developed and maintained by volunteers. We had 89 paid participants plus all their family and friends and some local fans of the park.

Some riders took the time to decorate their bikes to go along with their Halloween costumes.

“Here [are] the sponsors for the event:

NEWBURY PARK BIKE SHOP – Our biggest supporter of the park and always there when we need anything. Sponsor/support since the beginning and provided $500 in gift cards for prizes today.

“PREVELO – Awesome support, always participate in events. Silent auction today for a Zulu 4 kids’ mountain bike. Prevelo also has an online auction for a new dirt jumper! Bids accepted through November 28th. Please visit their booth for more details! All proceeds benefit Sapwi Bike Park.

“Sapwi Bike Park Committee – $500.00 for the cash prizes

“GOOD DAY LATTE – Visit their booth for a turmeric latte sample and learn more about their products.

“Sapwi Bike Park Committee (subcommittee of CORBA – Concerned Off Road Bicyclists Association) all VOLUNTEERS! [:] Peter Sullivan, Chase Boswell, Eric Winkler, Juan Carlo, Steve Messer, Erik Brill, Dorothy Sullivan

“The list of events below [is] improvised based on who ends up showing up. This year we added a few women categories in the Best Trick and Best Run events. We did not keep track of all the winners. Very informal event. This year was more focused on making a fun community event than a fundraiser. We did manage to get plenty of donations from the entries and merchandise to make it a success. Below are some of the highlights.


“PUMP TRACK: 18+ 13-17 12 and under

“HIGH JUMP: 18+ <18

“BEST WHIP: 18+ <18

“BEST TRICK: 18+ <18

“BEST RUN: 18+ <18

“BUNNY HOP: 18+ <18

“LIMBO: 18+ <18

BMX legend Dave Clinton (left)—who was considered the first superstar of that sport when he won the first national BMX pro title in 1975—was hanging out with the Sapwi event’s master of ceremonies, Mike Miranda, who was a top BMX pro and radical BMX jumper in the 1980s. He was also a test rider for BMX Plus! Magazine in the ’80s, back when MBA’s John Ker was the main photographer and editor of BMX Plus!

The bunny-hop contest was cool.

Logan Sanders was amazing in his ability to ride under the bar in the limbo contest.

Cody McKenna.

Some of the riders competed wearing their Halloween costumes.

Many of the riders showed off the jumping skills they’ve developed at the park, riding there for free, all-year long.

Even some of the young women can do suicide no-handers these days.

Andres Shapol.

Tail-whip air.

Columbia’s Andres Shapol was throwing down some of the most impressive jumps in the event.

Cody McKenna was one of the most radical jumpers in the event.

Andres Shapol with a “dip three” (a dipped three-sixty).

Another dip-three.

Suicide-no-handers are becoming so common that riders often just call one a “sui” these days.

Working on the highest air competition.

One of the highest airs of the event.

This was definitely one of the contenders for the highest-air competition, held in the final minutes of light after the sun went down.

So was this one.

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