A gravity inspired half shell helmet with a modern look and advanced safety features


Looking for an open-face helmet with a clean, modern look and advanced  protection features? The Project.21 meets all your requirements. 

Named after the number of vents, the Project.21 combines massive airflow with the coverage demanded by increasingly technical bike park, all-mountain  and enduro trails. This airflow gives a cooling effect to keep you comfortable  whilst concentrating on the trail ahead.

Like its full-face sibling, the Project.21 uses ERT™ (Energy Reduction  Technology) and in the helmet foam we’ve specced hidden ConeHeadprotection technology. Combining these two technologies makes the  


Project.21 our safest open-face helmet to date, so you can have even more  confidence to tackle technical trails. 

We have added yet another safety feature as the Project.21 also uses our CRV  (Crash Release Visor) system to make sure rotational forces are reduced on  impact.  

That’s a lot of protection technologies in one helmet as we wanted it to be the  best open-face helmet in our range and to inspire rider confidence when worn out  on the trails. 

The Project.21 comes with two pad kits to customise your fit, with AGION Anti Microbial fabric keeping them fresh. The 7iDP Rear Dial Adjuster allows  incremental tuning on the fly and FIDLOCK’s magnetic closure makes the buckle a  breeze, even with thick winter gloves! And when you get home? Enjoy the Limited  Edition padded helmet bag to keep it in the manner such a trick helmet deserves! 


The Project.21 is the culmination of so much testing and development: Tech and  features providing comfort and confidence on the bike, and the best protection  when you come off it, plus it’s been designed to look good when worn.

As for the HOLOGRAPHIC design: We know riders are looking for something clean  and classy that will compliment any bike or kit choice. We’ve done that with the  HOLOGRAPHIC Limited Edition Series 1. Keeping things refined and clean,  showcasing the shapes and tech, but with a reflective shimmer to break up the  black. 


  • ERT™ System  
  • ConeheadTechnology 
  • 21 Cooling Vents 
  • Easy position Visor angle 
  • CRV (Crash Release Visor) System 
  • 7iDP Rear Dial Adjuster 
  • AGION Anti-Microbial Liner 
  • TF (Through Flow) Goggle Ventilation 
  • Fidlock Magnetic Closure 
  • Two Pad Sets of different thickness 
  • Ltd Ed Padded Pro Helmet Bag 
  • Meets CE, CPSC, AS Standards 
  • Sizes: XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL 
  • Weight: 402g +/-10g (M/L) 
  • Colours: Black HOLOGRAPHIC
  • Retail price: $230


ERT™ “Softer Is Smarter” 

ERT™ (Energy Reduction Technology) is a patented 4mm layer of lightweight soft  polymer foam that adds a layer of protection against brain injuries in both linear  and rotational impacts. Unlike most impact energy management materials, which  do not deform and dissipate energy below a certain impact threshold, ERT  responds instantly, even at low-impact levels commonly seen in riding. 


CONEHEAD™ is an advanced structure now in its fourth generation of  development. Cone layer geometry and dimensions have been refined for optimal  energy management and layer material type and density has been rigorously  tested to work as a cohesive and dynamic energy mitigating system.

Outer Layer: EPS foam with inward facing cones. 

Middle Decoupling Layer: Softer Contego™ reinforced foam with outward facing cone structure. 

Inner Layer: EPS foam with inward facing cones. 

CONEHEAD During Impact: End Result 

The energies generated from linear, rotational and angular impact forces are  dissipated throughout the helmet structure, thereby reducing the impact effects  directly transmitted to the brain. 

-All three layers have compressed dynamically. 

-Each material and density have activated in unison. 

-Both geometry and materials have worked together to manage impact forces. 

For more information, please visit https://7idp.com/

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