31 years ago

The cover of our February 1993 issue featured this beautiful photo by Dave Epperson.

Hans Rey appeared on our Table of Contents page in our February ’93 issue. That’s Hans on the bike,  going off a steep mountain drop-off at Big Sky, Montana, next to skier Kevin Miller in this photo by Bob Allen.

MBA’s John Ker shot this photo at the indoor mountain bike race that was held on the same track as a motocross-supercross race held the same weekend, in this indoor stadium in Milan, Italy. The mountain bike race included John Tomac, Ned Overend, and Greg Herbold. The motocross/supercross race featured Jeff Emig and Jeremy McGrath, among others.

The founder of Box Components, Toby Henderson (above) was one of Mountain Bike Action’s main test riders in the 1990s, when we tested the Mag 21 Rock Shox suspension fork, for our February 1993 issue.

Toby Henderson also served as our test rider for our Ibis Extra Mojo test bike in our February ’93 issue.

In addition to shooting our February 1993 cover, photographer Dave Epperson also shot this beautiful opening-spread photo for our story, “The Colors of Colorado.”

Dave Epperson and MBA staffer John Ker were surf buddies who both used to surf and shoot photos for Surfer Magazine in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the Newport Beach area of California. The two friends even went on a surf-photography road trip one time, driving close to halfway up the California coast together, shooting photos everywhere the waves looked good.

John had been selling photos and articles to Surfer Magazine since 1972. John began working part-time for BMX Plus! Magazine in July of 1979, first doing darkroom work for the magazine, then shooting photos, then editing articles, then writing articles, and then becoming the editor in late 1981. It was around that same time that Dave  Epperson started taking time away from the beach to travel to Northern California to photograph mountain biking. Dave became one of the premier mountain bike photographers in the world in the 1980s, and even got John to go on some mountain bike rides in the early to mid 1980s. Dave also managed to shoot cover photos for both Surfer Magazine and Mountain Bike Action.

A few years  later, Dean Bradley (John’s longtime co-worker and managing editor at BMX Plus!) accepted the challenge of writing, photographing and editing the first issue of Mountain Bike Action, dated July 1986.

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