Available as an Arktos, 120, 135 or 150

Press Release:

All existing Gray/Light Gray Arktos models will now be offered at $800 off MSRP!


Shown here is the Arktos 120, which can be converted into an Arktos 135 or an Arktos 150 if you’d like. It can later be converted back to your original setup if you want.


So if you want the Gray / Light Gray Arktos, get yours now at a huge discount while supply lasts.

If you’re game, the Arktos is always ready to play, and the bigger and bumpier the playing field, the happier you’ll both be! Whether it’s North Shore gnar, Southwest slickrock, Northeast mud and roots, or your own hometown hills, Alchemy’s dialed, modern geo and patented Sine Suspension keep the pedaling smooth and efficient. But add a little gravity and some sick terrain to the mix, and you’ll revel in the unabashed joy of simply LETTING ‘ER RIP!

One Arktos to RIDE Them All:
Mullet Option: Arktos 135 and 150 models are also available in a ‘mullet’ setup, with a 29″ front wheel and 27.5″ rear, which is gaining traction quickly in MTB, and has been used for years in motocross. The larger front hoop flows over big hits, while the smaller rear wheel provides quicker acceleration.

Conversion Kits: Quickly transform your 135 into a 120 or 150 (and back again) with Alchemy’s conversion kits: Get two bikes in one – for a fraction of the cost of buying a second bike – and always have the ideal rig for your immediate riding plans. Kits include corresponding shock and fork.

Here’s the Alchemy website:


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