Making gold in the Colorado Rockies

Alchemy Bikes is a small carbon and titanium fabricator nestled in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. Their guiding principle is to deliver the best possible riding experience you’ll ever have. That means not only offering bikes that work great but also cultivating relationships with the people who ride them. Alchemy is the type of brand you won’t find on discount websites or competing for the lowest price tag. Instead, they’re fanatically focused on making bikes that their customers love to ride.

Expert advice: Who better to go for a first ride with than the people who designed and built your bike?


Alchemy is and always has been a Colorado company. They’re best known for their hand-made carbon and titanium bikes with plenty of custom options. Their O.G. Denver facility provided a decent place to start the business. Still, the founders of Alchemy knew that moving production closer to the trails could only mean improvements in the product and testing.

This summer, Alchemy opened their new factory in Golden, a Colorado mountain town with a plethora of excellent road and trail riding. New with this facility is an open to the public showroom with a welcoming atmosphere for all riders, whether you’re in the market for a new bike or not. The large glass windows throughout give you an inside look at what’s coming soon from the passionate, rider-owned company. The area also features solid food, coffee, and beer options for the perfect mid or after-ride destination. Alchemy hopes its new facility and the surrounding businesses will become a cycling hub for both road and mountain bikers.

Titanium, too: While carbon fiber bikes make up the bulk of their business, Alchemy’s titanium bikes are truly incredible, too. Their production facility allows flexibility to make both.


Alchemy is adding the option to pick up your new bike from their facility, and experience the trails they test their products on firsthand. In addition to seeing where the magic happens with a factory tour, you can arrange to have your bike custom fit and set up, and take it for a spin on the Colorado singletrack literally right out the front door. DARE Golden delivery comes with a night in the Origin Hotel Red Rocks, some excellent food and craft beer from the local restaurants, and plenty of good company from the people who passionately built your new bike.

In house production: All Alchemy’s carbon bikes start here. Their road bikes are all made in house, and their mountain bikes are all prototyped and tested here before they become full production models.

Alchemy calls this new “new bike delivery experience” the DARE Golden program. This unique opportunity does not add to the price of the bike. It’s a way for Alchemy to give you a memorable and awesome experience on their equipment, and ensure that the setup is allowing you to get the most from it. Riders must book their own travel to Golden once the order is processed and the bike is ready to ride. When you arrive, the Alchemy crew will take care of the rest for you.

Why DARE is much more than another simple satisfaction guarantee:

  • Two words: HASSLE-FREE. No one wants to break down a brand new bike, box it up and schlep it down to the shipping store, so with Alchemy, no one needs to. DARE is as hassle-free as it gets: If you opted for Kitzuma or Beeline delivery, there’s no need to break down the bike and box it up – just call and we’ll have the bike picked up AS IS and returned. Because, well, it wasn’t the Perfect Bike for You.
  • The DARE program begins well before you make a purchase: Our outstanding personal customer support team, whether on the phone, web or email, will walk you through this major decision and do everything in our power to assure you get the Perfect Bike for You.
  • Unlike so many other ‘guarantees’, Alchemy will accept your return for a full refund, regardless of the reason. Don’t like the color? No problem. Way too fast for you? Understood. Because you deserve the Perfect Bike for You.
  • Unlike demo events and expos, DARE allows you to test out your bike under the precise and often-changing conditions in which you ride. You can climb all day one day and sprint in the flats the next. You can ride rough roads and fresh tarmac. You can sprint or you can spin. After 30 days of this you’ll be absolutely certain if it’s the Perfect Bike for You.
Arktos in Lunar Grey/Astro Gold


When it comes to buying a new bike, a direct delivery option is simple and easy, but it lacks the supporting relationship that can be had buying from a shop. Alchemy takes the concept a step further by offering a relationship not with the retail shop, but with the factory that designed and built the bike. This interesting option adds a unique opportunity to meet the people behind the brand, and experience the places they ride and test on. Dare Golden gives riders the chance to walk away with a bike that not only ticks all the necessary boxes on technology and quality, but is also set up but expertise from the people who built it the way they did.

Demos available: The new facility has a full demo fleet available upon request.


Alchemy is so confident they’ll give you the riding experience of your life, that they’ll fully refund your money if you don’t agree. Knowing that our new bike is set up perfectly, custom from the factory is a cool enough prospect. Having the chance to test that new bike on some of the best trails Colorado has to offer only sweetens the offer. DARE Golden is the only program of this we know of in the bike industry, and it’s a bit like getting a riding trip in the price of your new bike. In addition to the expertise you’ll gain by selecting this option, you receive top notch accommodations and awesome trails to ride. Alchemy’s Dare Golden program is a uniquely great way to do “new bike day.”

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