Alex Pro on the Injured List at Colorado Crankworx

Hi Everyone,

Just another little summer update, from my travels.

August 1 I was in Winter Park, CO for the Colorado Crankworx. It was definitely nice to get out of the Whistler heat and into the Colorado Monsoon downpours… hahaha. Unfortunately my bike was lost on the way over, so I missed most of practise on the first day, but Mike drove all the way back to Denver..4 hrs return…and picked it up so I caught the tail end of practise. Thanks Mike!

The course was really fun to ride so it definitely lifted our spirits whilst riding and i think everyone just ended up having a really good time rather than being stressed.
It’s too bad that everything comes with a price, for all the fun we were having there was also our daily dose of the typical Colorado high winds and heavy rain. I have been to this contest three years in a row and not once have we avoided delayed qualifying because of rain, this year was no exception.

Since qualifying was delayed two days, come the day of finals, the whole format of the contest was re-arranged. Everyone, that’s 40 Riders, ended up making the semi finals.
My first run went pretty well. I slipped a pedal on a few things but it ended up as a good safety run.I was in 8th place at the end of that round.
Then came round two. I was feeling good and was planning on just going for my run safety again which had me in the top 10, but this time I was going to perfect it and save it all for the final.

I dropped in and got a little winded off the first drop and also on the first feature , so my run didn’t exactly start off with a bang. But soon after is where it all went downhill. I overshot into the next feature and was planning on flipping out of it. I had done it about a thousand times before, but this time I was in trouble and had to ditch and throw my bike as I way overshot it. I landed on my knee and shortly after realized I’d snapped my femur in half.

Before I knew it I was in an ambulance on my way to Denver hospital.
I think the thing that impressed me the most was how fast I got into surgery. I broke my leg at 5:00pm or so and I was out of surgery at like 1:30 that night. I ended up getting a rod in my leg and a bunch of screws and after a few days in Denver hospital peeing in a bottle I was on crutches and on my way home back to Whistler. I was stoked to find out that I finished 11th Place even with being hauled off the course!

I should be back on the bike by November….. I”ll be working hard to make that happen.

I would just like to thanks everyone for their support. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys Commencal,Shimano,Saint, Target, Oakley, MRP, Gravity, Easton, SDG, Marzzochi ..thanks alot.And to Mike,Brendan “Howey” ,DK from Gravity Logic for getting me to hospital,hanging out and to my mom,Claire Pro for leaving her party cruise in the Okanagan with the girls to come to Denver to be with me and for taking care of me.
Cheers, Alex.

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