Canyon Introduces New Torque


An innovative bike has to break the rules. It can’t be bound by convention or exist in your day-to-day “real world.” It should ll your dreams with mountains and make you rethink how and where you ride. Unruly. Unbound. Unreal. Sending huge gaps, bombing double-black trails and even pedalling up to drop in, the only thing holding back the all-new Torque is your imagination.


Put to the test by our downhill, enduro and freeride teams, the Torque is not a bike to be boxed in. With 175 mm of rear suspension on o er from its new linkage and the three-phase kinematic developed for the Sender, the bike provides next-level traction and comes alive on everything from the most challenging enduro tracks to jump lines at the bike park. Round that out with 180 mm of travel up front and the same bombproof Category 5 rating as the Sender and the result is a bike that feels stable and grounded at speed, while also begging to get airborne. For years, the Torque has been our do-it-all gravity bike. Now it’s back and it’s better than ever.


To hold up over seasons of riding whatever the conditions, the frame is equipped with fully-sealed industrial bearings.



Taking its cues from the suspension concept of the Sender CF, the Torque has adopted a similar linkage and kinematic to our downhill race rig. The new linkage readjusts the placement of the pivot points and sets the shock in a lateral position. The kinematic provides im- proved traction, sensitivity, anti-squat and anti-rise to have you rai- ling built-up berms and technical tracks alike.


Our new suspension con guration o ers up big advancements over the kinematics of the previous Torque. Not only does it improve the stroke of the shock, it has allowed us to increase standover height and use a larger 150 mm (170 mm on L and XL carbon frames) dropper post for signi cant gains in rider mobility.

Improved anti-squat means that the bike pedals well, but it also causes increased pedal kickback. We struck a balance between the two that actively increases the rider’s momentum without causing instability or fatigue over fast repetitive hits.

Eective anti-rise means the rear end remains active and in contact with the ground under heavy braking for exceptional traction and control through corners and down steep, gnarly trails.

Finally, the latest generation of metric shocks with increased bus- hing overlap and reduced system friction feature on all new Torque models.


Phase 1 – Response: The linkage transmits high power at the start of the stroke to e ectively engage the air shock over small rocks or roots. The result is excellent responsiveness, small bump sensitivity and traction around the sag point.

Phase 2 – Stability: Through the mid-stroke the suspension provides a stable platform to reduce momentum loss. This enables the rider to actively pump for more speed and contributes to the lively playful character of the bike.

Phase 3 – Ramp: The end of the stroke is less progressive in order to use the optimal amount of the travel and inspire con dence on jumps and down di cult tracks. By installing volume spacers, the rider can further tune the shock’s progression to their needs.


Super enduro, park bike, freeride, call it whatever you like. What matters is that the geometry of the new Torque o ers superior control and stability at speed, while remaining agile and playful on track and in the air. An extended front center pairs with a shorter rear end to o er excellent balance, but still stay fun and easy to ride. 780 mm wide handlebars with a 40 mm stem complete the entire package to provide complete control and pinpoint handling no matter the terrain.


Routing cables internally keeps them protected from the elements and provides a clean look, but makes maintenance more di cult and can cause cable rattle. To solve this, all carbon and aluminium mo- dels of the Torque come with a newly developed cable channel. The durable plastic attachment provides clear and secure channels for all of your cables and can easily be removed for servicing. Seamlessly integrating into the frame, it also serves as a bash guard to protect your bike from big hits and is simple and a ordable to replace if required.


Our rating system goes above and beyond industry standards to guarantee some of the most durable and robust bikes on the scene. Subjected to ridiculous forces and tested to destruction in our lab, the new Torque has been placed in Category 5, our highest category and the same as the Sender. What does this mean for the rider? It means we designed this bike to be able to handle not just anything you could throw at it, but anything Troy Brosnan or Thomas Genon could throw at it.



The carbon front triangle of the Torque is not just lightweight, but also extremely strong and boasts a layup that has been reinforced in areas subject to the most force. Using uni-directional carbon instead of woven reduces bre undulation and allows us to apply the mate- rial in di erent directions to exploit its strength and sti ness pro- perties. The layup varies in bre type, direction and number of layers across the frame depending on what di erent sections have to deal with.

Paired with an aluminium rear triangle, the Torque uses the same setup as the Sender CF. Taking its exposure to stone hits and cons- tant drivetrain forces into account, aluminium is the most practical material for the rear end of the bike. Employing high-end 6066 alu- minium makes any potential damage easier to assess for a safer setup with no performance loss.



Long the go-to material for mountain bikes, while it may be heavier, 6066 aluminium is tried and tested and o ers superior value.


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