All-New: Salsa Bucksaw Carbon Fat Bike

Salsa Cycles has announced that their Bucksaw Carbon fat bike is scheduled for arrival in Spring, 2015.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“We knew we had created something truly special with the introduction of the Bucksaw full-suspension fatbike, and riders, dealers, and media – some with initially raised eyebrows – have confirmed it.

“Why carbon? For increased chassis stiffness that further enhances pedaling efficiency and delivers an incredibly precise steering feel. The combination of knowing your front wheel is going exactly where you put it, incredible Split Pivot™ rear suspension performance, and the traction and stability of low-pressure, high-volume four-inch tires, boosts confidence, improves handling and helps you ride faster over rough terrain.

“Our high modulus Bucksaw Carbon frame also provides incredible vibration damping and incredible toughness, while also being 300 grams lighter weight than a similar size alloy Bucksaw frame.

“Bucksaw Carbon Complete Bikes will have an MSRP of $6499. Bucksaw Carbon Frames have an MSRP of $2699.”

Bucksaw Carbon Complete Bike Spec:

Bucksaw Carbon Frame Geometry

Note that Bucksaw Carbon shares the same frame geometry as our aluminum Bucksaw frames

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