Juarez is now expected to be riding a custom Squad Cycles mountain bike for 2022

It was only a week ago that Tinker Juarez shared the news on social media that he was going to be riding a Spot mountain bike in early 2022. That announcement was premature, and the plans have changed. That is not going to happen.


Tinker Juarez (582) at Vail Lake in 2021.

The official word now is that Tinker will be riding a new, custom-built Squad mountain bike in the year ahead.

MBA contacted Tinker yesterday to find out what model Spot mountain bike he’d be riding, and Tinker asked us to call the manager of the Floyd’s of Leadville team to get the official word on what kind of mountain bike Tinker will be riding this year.

Here’s the word from Will Geoghegan, the Floyd’s of Leadville team manager: Squad Cycles is going to make a custom, carbon, hardtail for Tinker to race this year.

Squad, which is headquartered in Canada, does not currently make any mountain bikes. The company makes road and gravel bikes now, but we have to wonder if they are planning to start selling mountain bikes in the future. People will definitely be interested in seeing them after all this interest in Tinker’s race bikes for the year ahead.

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