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New Singletrails for Rookies in 2019

The bike season in the northern hemisphere is upon us and preparations are underway in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis bike region. The Tyroleans already opened a number of new trails last year, but they aren’t stopping there. This year mountain bike rookies can look forward to two new singletrails, which are tailored to meet their needs and enable newcomers to get to know the sport amongst an amazing scenery.

Things are turning green in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis! Spring has returned to the three villages; the trees are leafing out and lush green grass is growing on the meadows once again. On top of that Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis will be opening its first green trail this season: the Alpkopftrail. This new trail will be favored by rookies of all shapes and sizes, as well as those who want to get to know the sport of mountain biking and enjoy time on two wheels whilst riding through stunning mountains and forests.

Riders can find the trail by taking the Komperdellbahn cable car from 15 June when the gondolas start taking guests up the mountain again to kick off the summer season. The trail entrance lies 650m / 0.4mi from the mid station of the Komperdellbahn cable car at 1,980m / 6,496ft a.s.l. The newest addition to the trail network is playful and invites mountain bike rookies to improve their skills and gain experience. The 1.1km long trail meanders down the mountain, taking riders past fantastic alpine views before it dips into a spruce and larch forest.

The trail is planned to be extended during the course of the year. When the shaping and digging has finished, the Alpkopftrail will be accessible via the Alpkopfbahn cable car, which takes riders to the summit of the mountain at an altitude of 2,023m / 6,627ft. This will be the starting point of the green trail, which will lead to the aforementioned mid station of the Komperdellbahn cable car. “We are still planning some parts and working hard to prepare the new trail. We wanted to develop an additional trail that really addresses those, who haven’t really had the chance or opportunity to get to know the sport yet. I am sure active, outdoorsy families will really enjoy the Alpkopftrail”, explains Bike Park Manager Christian Zangerl.

The first green categorized trail of the region concludes at the deep blue alpine lake Högsee. Riders will find a true paradise for kids to play and a great place to unwind there at 1,829m / 6,000ft before embarking on the next ride via the blue singletrail Högtrail which will take mountain bikers back to the village.

Departing from the Högsee mountain bikers follow the 3.8km / 2.3mi long trail beneath a thick canopy of trees. Rookies will feel comfortable riding this trail, however experienced riders will find room to push their limits thanks to the flowy characteristics and doubles that offer airtime while descending 355m / 1,164ft in altitude. Further down the trail natural berms and north shore elements create that addictive rollercoaster feeling on two wheels, whereas mellow root sections get the adrenaline pumping. After reaching the end of the trail in the village of Serfaus, mountain bikers can hitch a ride with the Alpkopfbahn cable car or with the Komperdellbahn cable car to get back up the mountain and send it back down again.

One more trail, which most visitors were not able to ride last year, as it was only opened towards the end of the summer season, is the Almtrail. The Almtrail is 1.6km / 1mi long and starts at the top of the Almbahn at an altitude of 2,600m / 8,530ft. It leads riders towards the Fisser Joch through stunning high-alpine scenery. The trail offers plenty of flow for mountain bike rookies to enjoy as well as the beautiful views over the Inntal valley and the surrounding mountains make it difficult to keep your eyes on the trail.

Bikers will be spoilt for choice after reaching the bottom of the Almtrail where the BergDiamant panorama restaurant awaits as the perfect spot to take a break before hitting the multiple trail options. Riders can take the Flüstertrail and the Zirbentrail back to the Almbahn in the valley where they started the ride from. This new trail development now makes it possible to ride singletrails from summit to valley without interruption. Alternatively riders can take a different route from the Fisser Joch and hit the Frommestrail. The more technical, 9 kilometer / 5.5mi-long Frommestrail leads riders down into the valley on the other side of the mountain.

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