Tested – ASB Tire Sealant

Proven in Europe

Tech Info: ASB is a latex-based sealant that uses nano sealers to plug punctures up to 1/4 inch in diameter within two revolutions. ASB claims they use high-quality latex that keeps the sealant in a liquid state longer. This formula has anti-freeze particles, which allows riders to use it in temperatures below -30 degrees Fahrenheit. To keep the sealant earth-friendly, ASB uses biodegradable agents in its formula.

ASB also offers its own tubeless valves that are 45 millimeters long and come in black or red. These valves have removable cores to allow for easier inflation. Bottles of sealant start at $7 for 4 ounces and go all the way up to 32 ounces for $26. ASB offers a starter kit that includes an 8-ounce bottle of sealant, 24-millimeter rim tape and one set of tubeless valves for $30.

On the Trail: We installed the ASB sealant on a few different sets of wheel/tire combinations. Initially, we had a difficult time getting the ASB to seal properly, even after a couple of rides. ASB recommended 90ml for a 27.5-inch wheel, but we found 120ml to be more effective in sealing the tire. On a pair of 29-inch wheels, we installed almost 180ml to seal the tire properly. Once we determined the proper amount of liquid, our tires held pressure and didn’t leak during the rest of our

On the trail the sealant worked well and plugged any smaller holes caused by thorns and other pointy shrubs that we encountered. After a few weeks of riding, we popped the bead to see how the sealant was holding up in our drier conditions and how well it coated the inside of the tire. A portion of the sealant was still in
liquid form, but it had developed some substantial clumps of latex. Upon popping the bead, we noticed strong fumes from the extra latex that ASB uses in its formula. Given the amount of sealant that was in the tires, we would have liked to see the sealant last a little longer. Overall, the ASB sealant did a good job of sealing minor punctures, but required more liquid to seal properly than other brands we have used.


• Plugs minor holes


• Requires considerably more sealant to work

• Strong fumes

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