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Q: I have tried all kinds of glasses and helmets and still find that, when it is at all humid, my glasses will fog while riding, unless it is all gravity-oriented riding. Is there a trick or a great pair of glasses that are fog-resistant? I have tried numerous big-name brands, anti-fog sprays and different helmets to try to give better clearance from the glasses and allow good airflow; however, when it is humid and body heat is rising due to cranking up the trails, my glasses always fog up.

Caleb Miller

Jacksonville NC

A: We have ridden in a lot of glasses over the years and have had this issue with each and every pair, although some are better than others. Depending on the shape of your face and glasses, airflow can be restricted, increasing the chances of fogging, so the key is finding the right size and shape for your needs. There are a few hacks you may want to try to mitigate your struggles. We’ve heard that spreading a dab of shaving cream around the inside of the lenses helps keep water from condensing on the lenses. You can also breathe on the lens and wipe it with a cotton cloth. Rubbing your saliva on the inside of the lenses has a similar effect. There is a product out there that is specifically branded as anti-fog for glasses. There are both wipe and spray options available. They contain a compound that keeps water from sticking to the surface of the lens, thus keeping them from fogging. Now we’re not saying these are surefire ways of keeping your glasses from fogging, but they may be worth a try. In the end, if none of these tricks work, we usually end up taking off the glasses for the climb and putting them back on for the downhill.

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