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LUBE JOB Q: It’s almost a cliche if you ask any mechanic about a lube. The answer is always “it attracts dirt” in one form or another. Is there such a thing as a lube (spray or grease) that does not attract dirt as much? —Johnny, who wants it clean A: It’s absolutely true that […]

Greg Minnaar Saves A Banana Slug On The Trail

Because the trail is dark and full of terrors. Greg Minnaar – a friend of nature – mountain biking on the trails around Santa Cruz. P.S. No Banana Slugs were harmed in the filming of this video. Filming & Editing: Stept Studios

How do I remedy brake mush?

Q: I have a 2013 trek stache 7, it came with Avid Elixir 1 hydraulic disc and I’m not to happy with them they seem cheap and mushy. Was wondering what would be a great upgrade that’s reasonable, need something that has a awesome feel. – Nate, who is tired of the mush A: Is […]

What Is The Best $300 Fork?

Q: My bike was stolen and I can’t afford a replacement. Instead, I’ve been purchasing parts for a GT Avalanche 1.0 frame from 2005. I’d like to go with a 4.7-inch-travel or adjustable travel fork that could be swapped to another frame in the future. My budget is around $300. Could you guys point me […]

Do Pros Change Frame Sizes For Different Types Of Riding?

Q: Do pro racers change frame sizes for different types of riding? -Tim, who is looking to downsize A: Maybe, but not likely. A racer who may regularly ride a large cross-country or trail bike might try to squeeze on to a medium or small frame for gravity events like dual-slalom and downhill. The idea is […]

Ask MBaction: Should I Stick With 26?

Q: Ride a 2004 Specialized S-Works Epic. Yep, that’s right. It’s time to upgrade. Now I’m 44 years short of 100, but I do fairly well for my age. I don’t do jumps. I don’t bomb down mountains. I do ride aggressively and enjoy epic singletrack rides. So, is an endurance bike more than I really […]

Will I Feel A Difference If I Trim 3 Pounds Off My Bike?

Q: My Pivot Firebird weights 34 pounds. If I shed 3 pounds off of the bike, will I notice the difference? – Rob, who wants a weight-loss product A: When you reduce the weight of any bike by 10 percent, you are going to feel a difference. It will climb and accelerate better and will be easier […]

Tire Tips From Kenda

Pretty great tips from Kenda Tires: 1. Always run tires in the direction that the arrow on the sidewall indicates. Running a tire backwards may gain traction when pedaling, but often it greatly sacrifices braking and cornering performance. 2. If you’re going to run two different sized tires, we like to recommend running the larger […]