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Proper pickup truck loading?

Dear Mountain Bike Action: I do all of my shuttling in a pickup with a towel over the tailgate. I have problems with my bikes falling over. Are there advantages to using the pick-up pad or will the towel get the job done just as well? -BK, who hates to pedal          A: All pickup […]

Correct crank length for mountain biking?

Hello, Mountain Bike Action: At 5’7″ with a 29-inch inseam, should I use 170-millimeter length crankarms instead of 175s? -Ken, with a low center of gravity          A: Most small bikes come equipped with 170-millimeter cranks. You could reap one benefit of the smaller crank arms, and that is better pedaling clearance. However, should you […]

Best Colorado mountain bike rides?

Hey Mountain Bike Action: Longtime reader, first-time writer. Planning a nine-day trip to Colorado this summer from Wisconsin. Thinking of Fruita, Crested Butte and Telluride areas. Would these be good choices? Any suggestions on a good white water rafting? -Bruce, who has had enough flatland riding. A: Bruce, you are either joking about being a […]

Stop front tire slide outs?

Dear Mountain Bike Action: Had an embarrassing front-tire washout while riding on a level singletrack with a gentle sweeping turn, a little loose over hard. I was going maybe 5 mph and then I was looking at the ground. It was that fast. After reflecting on the incident I had a great idea for a […]

Best time to ride Moab?

Dear Mountain Bike Action: What time of the year between September and November would be the best to go to Moab, Utah and Fruita, Colorado? I am alone and I have no friend in America so I’d need at least information about the weather. -Claudio, the Italian tourist A: First off, we are your friends, […]

29er or 26er mountain bike?

Dear Mountain Bike Action: Currently ride a Kona Kula Supreme hardtail. I am looking for something a little more comfortable and fun on the downhills. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and do a little bit of endurance racing and some adventure racing, so I would like to keep it somewhat light, but mostly just […]

Dual-Suspension Race Bike Under A Grand?

Hi Mountain Bike Action: I’m thirteen and into racing cross-country. I have a Marin hardtail and I want to get a lightweight race bike with full suspension priced less that $1500. I’m 6’1″ and still growing so I will need a bike that will fit me when I get taller -Sam, the beanstalk A: You are not going […]

RockShox or Marzocchi fork?

I’m looking to get a fork for my Giant Reign, and it’s between the RockShox Revelation RLT Ti and the Marzocchi 44 RC3 Ti. Your thoughts? Billy, ready to boing On top of their game: Marzocchi has made it clear they are serious about getting on the front of your bike with their 44 RC3 […]

Will a Leatt-Brace fit with body armor?

Hey, Mountain Bike Action: Planning to buy a neck brace, but a lot of people say these things don’t fit most body armor. True? – Stan, dressing for the crash       A: Neck braces and body armor do sometimes have compatibility issues. This is because the braces need to fit perfectly to be effective. Many new […]

Picking The Correct Front Fork?

Got a Specialized Hardrock and want to upgrade the RST Gilla T7 fork with something a little more smooth but that won’t break the bank. Mike O, on the go MBA: Go for the RockShox Tora TK. Priced at roughly $250 (depending on options that you choose, like remote lockout), it packs a good bang […]

Should I Lose weight for a new bike?

Losing weight is something we should do before moving to a lighter bike. Is there a magic number, like, reducing X pounds of body weight is the equivalent of buying a Y-pound lighter bike? –Gideon Gartenberg, all the way from Israel MBA: First off, we don’t agree with you that a rider needs to lose […]

Lifting to the 36

Will the SRAM X0 rear derailleur work properly with the 36-tooth cassette? –Larry, looking for some climbing help MBA: No problem, as long as you are talking about the SRAM X0 10-speed rear derailleur.

Ready for clip in?

I am in the market for my first set of clipless mountain bike pedals. People have recommended the Time ATAC, Crankbrothers Eggbeaters and Speedplay Frogs. Are these good pedals to look at, or should I look at anything else? What does the wrecking crew ride? –Sam, outside of Salt Lake City MBA: We have a […]

Balancing on a budget?

I want to get a trials bike, but they are all super expensive. If I purchased a used dirt jump bike, would it be okay to start out with? -Tyler from Texas MBA: Great idea, Tyler. It wasn’t all that many years ago that trials were ridden on regular 26″ wheeled mountain bikes. Well, maybe […]

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Bought a Fox 36 TALAS 180 fork. Does this fork fit on the Specialized FSR 2010? Shariff, with the cart before the horse MBA: Shariff, our first bit of advice is for you to do a little more homework before you make a major purchase like that Fox fork. Now don’t get us wrong; that is […]

Wheels On A Roll?

I’ve narrowed the wheel-set choices for my Stumpy FSR down to two. Would it be better to get a set of Easton Haven aluminum wheels, or is there any merit to getting a custom-built wheel-set, such as Hope Pro II hubs on Mavic 819s? Ed, who is true MBA: The wheel builder is the unsung […]

Race Ready?

I’m going to be entering some novice races in Northern California this spring. I currently have a 2010 Gary Fisher hard-tail that I plan on upgrading. I really don’t want to get a new bike. I have about $1000 to spend on upgrades. Any suggestions on some great products I should look into? Josh, ready […]

Mountain Bike Wheel Size Best For Cross-Country?

Q: I’m a 6’5″, 195-pound aggressive trail rider. I built up a Niner R.I.P. 9 as my first 29er, and riding it for the first time was literally a revelation. For a guy my height, I’ve never experienced bonding with a 26er frame like I did with my R.I.P. 9. My confidence has soared, and […]

Ask MBAction: Inexpensive Cross-Country Race Bike?

Q: I am 5’6″ and 145 pounds. I want a fast, efficient, light, and, most of all, inexpensive hardtail cross-country race bike for cross-country and endurance racing as my second bike (I already have a Yeti 575). What bikes would you suggest for $2000?   -Gabriel, ready to race MBA: Can we throw you a […]

Ask MBAction: Spinning Circles With Xdream By Trixster

Q: You recommended the Xdream by Trixster indoor trainer for obvious reasons, but assuming I don’t want to spend that amount on a spinning bike, do you have other recommendations on good indoor training systems? -Carl, pedaling in the carport MBA: We are the wrong guys to ask about indoor trainers, because we seldom have […]

Perfect Fork For My Giant Reign?

Q: I’m looking to get a fork for my Giant Reign, and it’s between the RockShox Revelation RLT Ti and the Marzocchi 44 RC3 Ti.  Your thoughts? -Billy, ready to boing MBA: We are totally enamored with the Marzocchi 44 RC3 Ti. When we tested the fork in September of 2010 we stated, “On the […]

Fork Air Cap Too Tight To Remove?

Q: I ride a RockShox Revelation dual-air fork. The positive air chamber’s cap is super hard to unscrew compared to the negative air chamber cap that I can remove with my fingers. Should I use pliers to unscrew the cap, or will that cause damage? -G.A., with sore fingers MBA: Using pliers will indeed mess […]

Can A Fisher G2 Fork Be Replaced With Any Fork?

Q: The G2 offset on the Trek Fisher Collection forks is proprietary. Can I purchase an aftermarket fork with a different offset and be pleased with the performance? If I can’t buy a new fork, can I get the existing Cobia fork revalved and modified so that I would have compression and rebound adjustments? -Morris, […]

Specialized Stumpjumper or Trek Fuel EX?

Q: I’m looking for my first dual-suspension bike and gathered the Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp is a great option, but also that the Camber is an excellent choice for the budget conscious. My other favorites are the Trek Fuel EX 7 and EX 8. I’m 6’3″ and 220 pounds and love to race my buddies […]

Ask MBAction: Big Wheel Race?

Q: I’m a high school freshman and racing in the So Cal Mountain Bike Racing League. I am looking to buy a 29er full-suspension mountain bike that is light enough for cross-country racing, yet durable enough for more technical singletrack. My budget is between $2,500 and $3,000. Suggestions? -Hunter, who wants to haul A: At […]

Ask MBAction: Blending a drivetrain?

Q: The Garage Files “Poor Man’s 2×10” article (August 2010) on the FSA 386 2-ring crankset has sparked an interest in looking at a 2-ring option for my Trek Fuel EX 8. Is there any reason the new SRAM X7, X9 or X0 2-ring cranksets would not work well with a 9-speed cassette? The SRAM […]

Ask MBAction: Do I need ProPedal?

Q: I have an ’08 Yeti 575 with a Fox RP23 shock, with 2.1-inch Kenda Nevegals at 32psi. I run the shock’s ProPedal set to 2, and the bike feels faster and more effortless over all terrain, climbing rocky fire roads or single track, or hammering on the flats over mild to minimum trail chatter. […]

Ask MBAction: What Will Come of Honda’s RN01 Gearbox Downhill Racer?

Given its technological superiority, I wonder whether Honda’s unique RN01 gearbox featured in MBA of June 04 was a one-time episode in mountain bike history that is over, or whether any manufacturer has licensed the technology to bring it to the market? –Stefan MBA: The first Honda gearbox we featured in MBA (the multi-cam, ratcheting […]

Ask MBAction: Brake-Dive Problems

Q: I am a Clydesdale weight rider. I ride a 07′ Cannondale Rush 6 with a stock bar/stem and fork setup. The frame is large with a 100-millimeter stem and a low-rise bar. I am finding that when I am going down technical downhills, log-piles, and other obstacles that point the nose down, that I […]